Reduce operating costs and eliminate operational inefficiencies with a secure and comprehensive document management system.

Goodbye, paper.

Capture, store, retrieve, share, manage, sign and approve all documents generated by your manufacturing and logistics operations digitally. Be it physical forms, vendor documents, contracts, factory floor paperwork, purchase orders, waybills, freight manifests, or invoices, everything gets managed in one centralized indexed repository.

Discover greater agility.

Turbocharge the performance of enterprise-wide manufacturing and logistics operations with automated workflows. Enable quick turnarounds with the instant movement of digital documents through the chain of custody for action and approval.

Do more with less.

Reduce the man-hours by eliminating paper and taking your business into the digital world.. Improve your bottom line with the digital foundation of enterprise document management made possible by Tessi Docubase.

Enhance service quality.

Having information at your fingertips means improved customer service and redeemable goodwill from clients and partners alike. Clear out inexplicable delays with faster turnaround times, in addition to automated notifications and alerts that ensure all stakeholders are informed, and always in the loop.

Unburden Compliance.

Be it regulatory compliance or investigation, secure audit trails make the task simple with undeniable proofs. That includes protocols to store and manage documents necessary for EPA, OSHA, HIPAA, GDPR, and more. Tessi Docubase captures such historical data immutably and makes it available at fingertip convenience.

Extend core IT systems, without the overhaul.

Tessi Docubase integrates seamlessly with your existing systems like CRM and ERP apart from applications in HR, Accounting, and more. Transform digitally while keeping the disruption down to a bare minimum.

A DMS is a game-changer for your logistics & manufacturing business.

Leading the way in streamlining document management and workflow automation in complex industrial sectors, Tessi Docubase empowers manufacturers and logistics operators to digitally secure and structure their information, creating competitive advantages — with an eye on the digital future and beyond.

  • Standardize information captured, managed, and distributed across every function.
  • Never lose a document. Be protected against document and information loss.
  • Capture physical documents seamlessly with optical character recognition.
  • Enable the controlled flow of documents across all workflows seamlessly.
  • Extend the life of IT investments by linking electronic document repositories to legacy information systems
  • Access business information on the go and use the analytics to improve.
  • Manage compliance easily


Make impactful improvements in your business, measurable on your bottom line with enhanced scalability of operations across all functions in manufacturing and logistics.










Eliminate manufacturing process bottlenecks.

A manufacturing industry’s core workflow functions deal with orders in the supply chain through production to POD and billing. It’s a mountain of paper and counting. Automated workflows eliminate delays caused due to inefficient flow of documents through chains of custody for action and approval. Bottlenecks are automatically flagged to be resolved as dictated by priority. With Tessi Docubase, your quality management program will be supported by effective document control, ensuring your products meet industry standards. Tessi Docubase enables more efficient and compliant manufacturing processes with lean manufacturing practices and quality management programs.

Break out of information silos.

When documents can be retrieved instantly, customer satisfaction increases, as does the efficiency of order processing. You will be better prepared to defend any claims or customer service issues with automated, tamper-proof archiving. Whether it’s individual batch numbers or casting & molding numbers, you will always have the information you need at your fingertips. Digital workflows ensure that information is instantly routed to designated approvers, facilitating production and maintaining quality assurance. Information will no longer be a barrier as disparate moving parts fit seamlessly into a whole.


Streamline workflows from fleet, to warehouses, and company offices.

A logistics operation involves a lot of paperwork from invoices to contracts, bills of landing, accounts receivables, payables, and more across the fleet, warehouses, and offices. Logistics companies benefit from document management software by avoiding snags that cause delays in shipments and deliveries. Freight bills? Bills of lading? Proof of concept? Tessi Docubase allows you to manage all critical documents in one centralized repository. Enjoy improved workflows, seamless order tracking, through the various stages of the shipment. All of these and more, help your business thrive in a margin-sensitive market.

Integrate freight documents effortlessly.

Whether you subcontract or manage multiple branches in-house, effective collaboration is the key to operational efficiency. The centralized document repository with a document management system like Tessi Docubase allows easy and secure, privilege based collaboration. Which means, for example, drivers enjoy an easy scan and upload process right through pick up and loading to weighing and delivery. Automated filing and invoice processing, in addition, significantly bring down the man-hours you spend on non-core actions. With transport management digitized with a DMS, the relevant stakeholders have controlled access to all the documents they need, anytime. It also helps your back-office staff to save valuable time with an intelligently indexed archive and full-text search functions. Allowing them to use their energies to core tasks like process more orders and plan new routes.


How does a DMS benefit your manufacturing business?

From metal manufacturers to food production and procurement to disposal, simplify your production and administrative workflows with a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Tessi Docubase secures, encrypts, and shares documents across the industry sectors to help you be on top of the competition. A few of the game changing benefits include:

Speedy Approval

With Tessi Docubase, electronic forms or routing documents to multiple users will enable quick review and approval. Automating workflow management reduces review cycle times. Manage vital records that require inter-departmental collaboration effortlessly. Turn overdue tasks into automatic actions to keep processes on track.

Easier Inspection

Regardless of the industry or size, product quality requires regular inspections. Be it enforcing quality checklists, capturing deviations from the standard, or examining production logs, traditional methods of assessment are no longer efficient and effective. A cloud-based DMS can revolutionize and standardize the process. Further, it ensures compliance with regulatory requirements at the outset of production, while also eliminating product quality and supplier risks. Tessi Docubase helps you save money, resources, and time without sacrificing quality.

Electronic Forms Accuracy

Forms are necessary to capture all kinds of information in a systematic way. However physical forms are prone to human errors, from data entry to category errors and more. An improperly captured field could prove especially costly in manufacturing processes. This could lead to risks such as an inferior quality product, or worse, damage to capital-intensive machinery. Locating and correcting the source of such errors may be futile. Tessi Docubase provides more organized and secure form management with dbs Live Forms as part of a comprehensive DMS suite. Rules-based forms can even be programmed to stop production immediately upon receiving incorrect input.

Quicker production turnarounds

The most significant benefit of DMS integration in the manufacturing industry is to streamline production processes through faster data input. It can simplify every step in the process and make team communication efficient. The benefits are not just isolated to each assembly line, but across all the lines and operations in your enterprise. Get an overall faster production, error-free, and structured manufacturing unit.


How does a DMS benefit your logistics business?

A faster warehouse

A digitized warehouse with a document management system results in increased inventory turnovers and better customer service. Further, the operational data captured provides a basis for more accurate forecasting and optimized inventory management. A faster retrieval and access to documents enables warehouse staff to resolve queries quicker leading to more efficient decision making and management.

Import-export compliance

Compliance failures can result in unexpected penalties, such as criminal prosecution, civil lawsuits, fines, a loss of import and export privileges, business interruptions, and reputation damage. Tessi Docubase tools and reminders help maintain valid certificates and comply with regulatory controls. In addition, secure audit trails ensure that your compliance can be easily and undeniably proven with a few clicks. A DMS also helps to keep track on deadlines, expiration dates, and other logistic document milestones, pre-empting the incidence of non-compliance.

Invoice automation

The purpose of accounts payable isn’t just to pay bills. Documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and receipt reports go through scrutiny to prove legitimate transactions. It includes maintaining records for compliance, audits, and handling disputed invoices. The goal is to be the first and perhaps best line of defense for a company’s purchase history. Invoice automation with Tessi Docubase is a fast and secure way to generate, process, and manage invoices in a single-source-of-truth repository. This goes a long way in overcoming many hurdles from dispute resolution to miscommunication.

Faster supply chain operations

Supply chain operations include procurement, customer service, distribution, and reverse logistics. Most processes typically performed in a warehouse or distribution center can be enhanced easily with automation and document management. Tessi Docubase helps with scalability and speed, error reduction, real-time accessibility to data, and cloud-based automation support.


How does Tessi Docubase work in manufacturing and logistics?

Quality and document control

Manufacturing is a highly regulated industry, so compliance is a top priority. The benefits of document management systems go far beyond reduced regulatory risk. Using an enterprise document management system like Tessi Docubase improves information security, transparency and ensures business continuity. Detailed reports, whether timely or triggered by an event make for reliable inputs to enforce document access and quality controls. Secure audit trails make inspections convenient and fool-proof.

Manufacturing vendor management

Data is business currency.  Managing all information that connects your company with your suppliers is essential to stay on top. Tessi Docubase allows you to manage your vendors in a highly secure cloud environment. It includes everything from reliable version control to easy routing, verifiable approvals to contract reviews, tasks to templates, and more. Share documents easily with outside suppliers and vendors. Empower quick collaboration and seamless data verification between parties.

Auditing and records management

Ensure audit-proof records management for your manufacturing business. Errors, inefficiencies, and unethical incidents could cost your manufacturing business a tremendous amount of value and reputation. Tessi Docubase solves such hiccups with secure audit trails and intelligently indexed storage and archival of records. You hold the keys to access and authentication, security and integrity, retention, and destruction of audit records.

Inventory Management

Inventory discrepancies and documentation maintenance pose a constant challenge for paper-based manufacturers, regardless of how well they organize the inventory. Tessi Docubase offers manufacturing companies the organizational bandwidth they need to keep their documentation straight and prevent errors, identify stock levels, and warehouse locations. It enables the manufacturer to monitor product flow from suppliers throughout the production process to the customer like a pro.

Take advantage of ready-to-run solutions.

With Tessi Docubase, you don’t need a specialized IT team and an extended timeline to automate your processes. In a matter of hours, we can have your document management system up and running.

Help us to know your operations inside and out so we can help you target the most effective areas for document management and business process automation.

The ramp-up time is reduced by our preconfigured workflows. The cloud-based nature of our solution enables fast, easy, and secure deployment with no hardware to install, maintain or upgrade.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Document management software can do incredible things for your manufacturing and logistics enterprise, by not just allowing you to phase out paper, but also giving you the opportunity to streamline your lifecycle processes so you save more time and money to invest in your core strengths. Additional features like secure electronic forms, advanced OCR, eSignatures, mobile access, and automation tools, forge a path of continuous improvement and excellence. And what’s more, we fine-tune it exactly to your requirements.