dbs Cloud™ Solutions

All of dbs Solutions are offered as a service accessible from anywhere at anytime, and hosted in our high availability cloud platform, located in Tyler, Texas, USA. Your data stored in the dbs Cloud is encrypted adhering to industry standards, and never leaves the US.

The dbs Cloud is an enterprise grade computing platform housed in a high security class III safety deposit vault which has been repurposed as a secure data center.

The dbs Cloud is located deep inside the vault and protected by thick walls of plate steel and concrete which provides protection from unauthorized access, and any natural disasters or electromagnetic interference.

Access to the facility is controlled by biometric and secure key code access, monitored 24×7 by video surveillance.

The facility is powered by dual power connections to the power grid which are fed through high capacity surge and power pulse protectors. Additionally the facility has dual 100kw natural gas generators which are tested weekly at full load, and dual 80kva UPS backups with online power failover.

Uninterrupted connectivity to the internet is ensured by redundant connections with automated carrier switchover through multiple internet service providers.

The environment inside the vault is kept at optimal conditions through fully redundant HVAC systems with industrial dry coolers which keep a consistent operating temperature and optimal humidity for computing equipment.

Data stored at the dbs Cloud is encrypted at every level and backed up to a local NAS with redundancy at an off-site global cloud services provider.

The dbs Cloud has been carefully architected to provide the security, access control, availability, scalability, and data protection necessary to ensure your organization can adhere to any regulatory operating guidelines and exceed your record management policies.

Should an incident happen, whether caused by nature or man, the dbs Cloud ensures your data is secure and can be retrieved and restored within minutes, keeping interruptions to a minimum and assuring the continuity of your business.