Docubase Information Suite

With more than 250 customers and 1,350 deployments, DOCUBASE is a market leading content and process management solution for a wide range of enterprises. The solution integrates all the functionality needed for enterprise document management, including ingesting all types documents and media, managing workflows, and electronic archiving.

This modular approach makes it possible to meet both standard and specific document management needs of a wide range of businesses and institutions. Its architecture is made up of software components and integration tools which facilitate the optimal deployment of the system in the technical and business environment of each customer, whether on-site, hybrid, or SaaS.

Rich functionality, business adaptability, and value added features are the three founding pillars of DOCUBASE, resulting in a robust and modern content management system, synonymous with digital reliability and trust.

Docubase Hosted Solutions

DaaS     Docubase as a Service

Docubase combines the power of Docubase Information Suite with the ease of Software as a Service (SAAS) to create Docubase as a Service. No IT staff required, no servers, and no hassle; Docubase handles all administration needs. Set up and training is part of the package, and every set up can be customized to fit the customer’s unique requirements. Docubase as a Service; complete content management solution without the upfront capital investment.

Docubase Modules


Specialized system services for the management, indexing, and filing of documents and data.

VEGA  for Imaging™

Workplace for production scanning including the handling of batches as well as many image handling functions.

TITAN  for reports™

Automatic indexing and distribution of computer reports and files produced by the information systems.

THETIS  for Office™ / for Email™

Automatic classification and saving of electronic mail and office automation documents.

CALYPSO  for forms™

Automated recognition and sorting of scanned forms.

CALYPSO  for Invoice™ / for Bank Statements™

Automated Read processing for semi-structured documents such as supplier invoices, service reports, statements of account.

CALYPSO  for Transcripts™

Transcripts no longer need to be manually keyed; with Docubase Calypso for Transcripts once the Transcript is scanned the data can be automatically transferred.

RHEA  for Content Management™

A complete management system for scanned and electronically created documents and files.

TELESTO  for Business Processing™

A Business Process Management system to address workflow and assignment of due dates, alerts, routing and individual or collective recycle bins.

BarcodeMaker  for simplified indexing™

Docubase Bar Code Maker is a freestanding desktop utility that is a universal Bar Code Creation product.