Streamline the workflow at your legal organization by centralizing and controlling all your documents. Use a secure document management system that your law firm or legal department can rely on.

Relegate paper to the past.

Use the power of a document management system to seamlessly capture physical documents, and to store, retrieve, share, track, manage and approve all the digital documents generated by your legal organization. Case files, contracts, invoices, reports, affidavits – everything gets managed in one centralized repository.

Cut through the clutter.

Without a digital solution, it is possible for human error to creep into filing systems and affect efficiency. dbs Document Management Solutions enable lawyers and law firms to organize all their files and documents while ensuring easy retrievability. This lets you cut through the noise and focus on what matters – ensuring that your clients receive the best legal support possible.

Stay on top of every case.

Legal work necessarily involves keeping track of a large number of documents of many different types, ranging from simple affidavits, contracts and summonses all the way to court records, testimonies and expert reports. However, despite this documentary complexity, it should always be possible to quickly retrieve any document associated with a particular case. With Tessi Docubase(R), every document that enters the system is captured, stored, and indexed automatically in granular detail. Full-text search and intelligent metadata capture ensure easy storage and retrieval of all kinds of document and file types.

Unleash unhindered teamwork.

With Tessi Docubase, you can share case documents securely with other members of your team,. By making smooth, real-time collaboration possible, you can ensure the best possible legal outcomes for your clients.


dbs eSign is a cloud-based electronic signature solution that allows users to manage the signing process for a document, from upload to signing and sealing, from any mobile device or computer. In a few steps, confidently sign and have your documents signed using a solution proven in organizations small and large around the world.

Maintain watertight confidentiality.

Law firms have to contend with standards and regulations such as SOC2 and the GDPR. Tessi Docubase takes a part of this burden off you by enforcing access- and process-related security measures. This means that no unauthorized persons can access client data, and you will always know who has accessed a given document.

Augment your existing IT ecosystem.

Tessi Docubase will integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM and ERP systems, in addition to applications for HR, accounting, and more. Transform digitally while keeping disruption down to a bare minimum.

Bypass regulatory logjams.

Be it regulatory compliance or investigations, secure audit trails make the task simpler with undeniable proof of various kinds of measures. Tessi Docubase also includes protocols to store and manage the documents necessitated by various kinds of regulations. It captures such historical data immutably and makes it available at your fingertips.

Do more with less.

Reduce your personnel man-hours by eliminating paper documents and transitioning your legal organization into the digital world. Improve your bottom line with the digital foundation of enterprise document management, powered by Tessi Docubase.

Eliminate unnecessary roadblocks.

Turbocharge the performance of your legal operations with automated workflows. Enable quick turnaround times with the instant transfer of digital documents through chains of custody for signatures, action and approval.

Improve the effectiveness of your legal organization with electronic document management.

As a leading solution for electronic document management and workflow automation, Tessi Docubase allows you to organize, track and secure the various kinds of documents that need to be routinely managed in legal contexts. This will result in reduced costs, greater efficiency, and speedier resolutions.

  • Standardize the information captured, managed, and distributed across every role.

  • Never lose a document. Always be protected against document and information loss.

  • Digitize paper documents seamlessly with a scanner functionality augmented by optical character recognition.

  • Track all the moving parts of your operation easily.

  • Enable the controlled flow of documents across workflows seamlessly.

  • Extend the life of your existing IT investments by integrating electronic document repositories with legacy information systems

  • Access business and legal information on the go using mobile devices, and use analytics to improve your bottom line.

  • Eliminate filing cabinets to regain office space and lower costs.

  • Provide team members with instant access to all types of documents from a single source of truth.

  • Control access, manage compliance, and securely archive legal and business documents.








How does dbs Document Management help legal departments and law firms?

As a leading solution for electronic document management and workflow automation, Tessi Docubase allows you to organize, track and secure the various kinds of documents that need to be routinely managed in legal contexts. This will result in reduced costs, greater efficiency, and speedier resolutions.

Organizations in the legal sector have several specific documentary challenges due to their nature. For one thing, there is a large gamut of different document types, ranging from simple letters, emails, and notices all the way to complex contracts, expert reports, witness testimonies, and confidential criminal records. All of these documents must be handled in a manner appropriate to their purpose and importance.

Moreover, complex cases can lead to difficult-to-manage and bloated case files, increasing the possibility of documents being lost or misfiled. In addition, there are often strict deadlines associated with the filing of certain kinds of legal documents, which must also be kept abreast of.

All these sector-specific demands, combined with the formalities required in every business, mean that legal organizations can quickly get submerged under a torrent of paperwork. This can affect business turnaround times, employee morale and productivity, as well as client outcomes. Moreover, traditional methods of handling paperwork can increase the chances of various kinds of human error that could lead to expensive legal implications for you and your clients.

Using Tessi Docubase as your document management solution will empower you to do the following and more:

Retain the probative value of archived legal documents

For legal firms and departments, it is especially important to ensure that the storage and archival of a document does not affect its probative value, that is, its validity as evidence for a third party, the authorities or an auditor. To address this, Tessi Docubase takes into consideration standards such as AFNOR NF Z42-01 in order to store and archive documents. This ensures that a retrieved document can be guaranteed to be authentic and unaltered, and that its probative value is intact.

Maintain a central database that securely stores all documents.

Tessi Docubase ensures intelligently-indexed storage and archival of all kinds of documents. A document that enters the system can be easily retrieved with a few clicks. This means that you never lose a document. What’s more, this also means that legal staff can access contracts, records, and all other kinds of documents from anywhere within an office, or even on the go. Lastly, alerts and reminders can be associated with documents to ensure that no filing or other deadlines are ever missed.

Enable collaboration and secure document sharing.

Secure sharing allows easy collaboration among all the team members working on a given case. Tessi Docubase also features version control, which means that the entire history of a document can be inspected if needed. In addition, access controls allow you to determine the rights and privileges of users for sensitive documents such as arrest records and contracts.

Ensure regulatory compliance

The secure storage of confidential legal data requires that several different kinds of safeguards and guarantees be implemented. These include the use of unique user IDs, encryption, automatic log-offs, and audit reports that record hardware and software activity. Tessi Docubase has been built with such compliance in mind, and greatly simplifies the task of implementing these safeguards.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Document management software can do incredible things for your law firm or legal department. For one thing, it allows you to phase out paper and enjoy the accompanying rise in efficiency. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to streamline your business processes so that you can invest more time and money in your core strengths. Additional features like secure electronic forms, advanced OCR, digital signatures, mobile access, and automation tools can help your organization become ever more effective. And the best part is that we can even fine-tune the software to match your unique requirements.