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dbs LiveForms E-forms &
Business Process Automation Solution

LiveForms is a low-code electronic forms and workflow solution to create, deploy, and manage enterprise-wide electronic forms from a centralized secure system without any coding or specialized IT skills. LiveForms is offered as a cloud SaaS subscription service, or can be deployed on your own private cloud or preferred cloud provider.

With dbs LiveForms you can use form templates to quickly design beautiful forms using an intuitive drag and drop interface, and easily configure advanced actions in the forms such as uploading attachments, capturing e-signatures, collect payments, and much more. Additionally, forms can include actions such as notifications, triggers, and rules for data validation, and they can be part of multi-step workflows.

Forms in LiveForms are automatically responsive meaning they adjust based on the device being used, and can be published for any user across the organization, including external and internal users, accessible from any device, anywhere, at any time. LiveForms also manages the workflows associated with the forms, and provides users with notifications and tasks.

Form submissions are encrypted and stored within LiveForms, where properly authenticated users can access them for further processing. Additionally with LiveForms RESTful API, submissions can be automatically routed to other systems such as Document Management Systems, Quality Management Systems, HR Systems, and more.

dbs LiveForms is a comprehensive e-forms and workflow solution, specifically designed for the enterprise, that connects your users, internal stakeholders, and business applications together like never before and reduces the time to deploy forms and workflows from months to hours.

Electronic Forms and Automated Workflows

Higher Education
  • Admissions Forms: Applications, Requests, Submissions

  • Registrar Forms: Transcript Evaluation, Credit Transfers, Class/Status Changes, FERPA, Veteran Services, Immunization Records

  • Student Services: Housing Contracts, Parking, Incident Reports, Event Registration, Athletics Forms

  • Financial Aid: Loan Requests, Declarations, Subsidies Applications, Scholarship Applications

  • Other: HR Forms, IT Forms, Operations Forms, Vendor Forms

  • Quality Control: Inspections, Test Records, Checklists

  • Nonconformance Reports (NCR)

  • Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Operational Forms: Change Control, Training Records, Audit Forms, Site surveys, Incident Report

  • Document Control Forms: Change Requests, Revisions, Approvals

  • Field Forms: Site Survey/Inspection, Audits, Checklists

  • Human Resources: Overtime approval, Timesheet edits

  • Finance / Procurement: Expense reporting, Vendor Management

  • Operations: Equipment Service Tracking

  • Customer Service: Contact Forms, Warranty Claims, Information Requests, Feedback Forms

Centralized and secure electronic forms and workflow

  • Robust permissions based access with strong authentication options

  • Multi-tenant support for managing forms across departments or BUS

  • Design, deploy, and manage all forms and workflows from one secure system

Quickly build and deploy any type of form with ease

  • Create forms by dragging and dropping pre-defined controls

  • Use form templates or create forms by importing fillable PDFs

  • Assure compliance with versioning and centralized form publishing

Advanced workflow, task management, and integration features

  • Include actions, rules, and triggers in forms

  • Configure multi-step and multi-form workflows

  • Access information from databases or other systems from within a form or workflow

Connect Integrate and with other systems

  • Unlimited secure RESTful API connections to source and target systems

  • Integrated to leading DMS, QMS, SIS, and other systems

  • Streamline the flow of information from the user to the back-office.

Choose the subscription that best fits your use case


Perfect for trying out electronic forms in a production environment and getting familiar with the power of low-code forms building.

Single Account
for up to 3 forms


  • 1 GB Storage

  • Basic controls

  • Basic Workflows

  • Simple rules and actions

  • Security and Encryption



Comprehensive features for quickly deploying and managing forms for any use case.

Unlimited accounts 
with variable levels of concurrent users.


  • 5 GB Storage

  • Advanced controls

  • Advanced Workflows

  • Advanced rules and actions

  • 1 API Integrations

  • Full Admin Console

  • Security and Encryption

Phone and e-mail


Enterprise level features and performance to leverage the full power of low-code forms development and workflow automation.

Unlimited accounts
with variable levels of concurrent users.


  • 10 GB Storage

  • Advanced controls

  • Advanced Workflows

  • Advanced rules and actions

  • Full digital signature

  • Unlimited API Integrations

  • Multi-Tenancy

  • Full Admin Console

  • Security and Encryption

Premium phone and email,
including form design and review service.