Live Forms Business Process Automation Solution

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes across the organization. It is most often performed to achieve digital transformation, to increase service quality, to improve service delivery, and/or to control costs. Although BPA has been around for some time, it has taken on a whole new level of importance over the last year as companies seek to position themselves for maximum returns in the post-covid economy.

DBS LiveForms is a low-code BPA solution that connects customers, workers, business applications, information systems, and document management systems together like never before.  With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, DBS LiveForms puts the power of automation in the hands of business units, with pre-made connectors, workflows, and form templates specifically designed to support a wide range of use cases across a dynamic organization.

With DBS LiveForms a complex workflow which includes data capture, validation, approvals, and routing can be modeled and deployed in a matter of hours, without the need for heavy IT involvement. For example, some of the most common applications of BPA using DBS LiveForms include:

  • Deploying dynamic electronic forms to capture information from field locations such as mobile devices and kiosks
  • Routing job documents through the validation and approval chain.
  • Automating accounts payable and receivable documentation flows
  • Automating HR processes such as onboarding workflows.

The kicker is that when you need to make changes to your process (and there will always be changes coming) you can easily edit what you have already deployed and keep it working for you without skipping a beat.

The direct benefits experienced by business users from using DBS LiveForms vary depending on their specific role.

For the end-customer its ease of doing business: DBS LiveForms is an electronic forms solution. Electronic forms let the customers provide necessary information through beautifully formatted forms online easily and quickly. These forms can include signature capture, attachments, credit card payments, pictures, video, and more. After submission, a confirmation e-mail is automatically generated for customer records and the completed form (in document format) is routed internally for processing and storage.  DBS LiveForms can be easily rendered on any device including PC, Tablet, or smartphone.

For the company business associate it’s the simplification of complex processes: DBS LiveForms is a tool that simplifies complex processes that require repetitive steps. LiveForms presents the completed form (in document format) to appropriate personnel for review and approvals, logging its progress in each step, ensuring the process is simplified and standardized. Associates are notified of a new assigned task by email and have the ability to complete their role in the process such as approve or send the form back to an earlier step including external public users via email direct link to the form itself.

For the company information systems developer, it’s the ability to collect and route data from the same tool: DBS LiveForms is an extension application and integration tool. Open connectors pass and receive data to and from external databases or existing Information Systems.  With these connectors, the complexity behind electronic form is simplified for the user, manual data entry duplication is eliminated for the employee, and data integrity is ensured for internal data usage by other systems.

For the imaging professional it’s the ease of embedding images in forms on the fly: DBS LiveForms is a front-end data and image capture solution.  The solution provides an additional means to capture documents for storage directly (and seamlessly) into any information system.  LiveForms takes the electronic form itself and transforms it into the final static document complete with signature and approval verification.  It can also transform the task of traditional paper scanning from a costly internal process to one done outside by the customer or vendor using a mobile device.  Additionally, you can attach the completed file in two ways; if a scanner is not available DBS LiveForms communicates with a tablet or smartphone camera to enable capture through picture of a document or image.

And finally for records and Document Management professional it’s having a direct connection from the form to the DMS: DBS LiveForms can store the data, electronic forms and associated documents for the purpose of long-term storage or communicate to Tessi Docubase, Share Point, or any other Electronic Document Management System through e-mail, XML, JDBC drivers, HTTP Post, or custom process.

With DBS LiveForms your organization will experience exponential improvements in efficiency as customers interact with you anytime from anywhere, your business users do more, and your IT staff codes less.