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CRM All-in-One

Together with our partner ISYC, we are proud to bring you OnCustomer, a comprehensive all-in-one CRM that helps establish, maintain and strengthen customer relationships and optimizes business processes to help you achieve improved productivity and profitability.

OnCustomer is much more than just a CRM. It also incorporates a powerful business process management (BPM) engine and sophisticated Document Management (DMS) capabilities, making it the perfect solution for your organization to win more business and become more profitable.


OnCustomer® allows you to easily control and optimize all business processes, identify new opportunities and get to know your customers much better


OnCustomer® allows you to define and monitor the path that customers take when interacting with the company.


OnCustomer® is a comprehensive documentation management tool that allows you to digitize all documents and perform Natural Language Processing to extract the necessary information for later use in business processes.

CRM – Customer Management

Manages the complete life cycle of the client from its capture (Marketing and Sales).

Customer journey
Definition, execution and monitoring of the customer journey.

Management and resolution of incidents for both internal and external clients, escalations, creation of solutions and knowledge bases of generic solutions (Support & CAU)

It provides utilities aimed at improving efficiency such as tasks, alerts, calendars and SLAs.

Integrate and personalize communications through multiple channels such as telephone, email, fax and burofax, SMS, RRSS and video (Multichannel Contact Center).

Data Analytics: Dashboards, widgets and Reports.

BPM – Business Process Management

Agile and flexible adaptation to changes in business processes through configuration and without the need for code.

It offers a modeling tool to define configurable processes in a visual and simple way. Simply modifying the diagrams that describe a process changes the execution of the process without the need for programming.

Complete traceability and monitoring of processes. It has versioning, real-time process status viewer (even of multiple grouped processes) and auditing of all executed actions.

The BPM engine follows the latest BPMN2 standard and allows you to configure processes through a powerful graphical interface.

Document Management

Integrated workflow
Control the integrity of the documentation in all phases: data capture and digitization, classification, automated analysis, data recording, export and storage.

Storage of documentation according to physical and logical structure.

Real-time document queries through any channel.

Business rules
OnCustomer® has a document workflow with automation of business rules.

It is the integral management of documentation, solving all the documentary needs of the business. It allows working with digitized documents from which the necessary information is extracted for later use in business processes.

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