Reduce operating costs and eliminate operational inefficiencies with a secure and comprehensive document management system for financial services and insurance.

Goodbye, paper.

Capture, store, retrieve, share, manage and approve all the documents generated by your enterprise seamlessly. Be it physical forms, applications, product catalogs, agreements, employee records, or ledgers, everything gets managed efficiently.

Welcome to the single-source-of-truth.

The cost of misfiled paperwork is no longer the cost of doing business. A secure centralized repository for all the documents across your enterprise, classified and indexed without human intervention brings down errors and inconsistencies that could come to cost dearly.

Always audit-ready.

Be it regulatory compliance or an investigation, secure audit trails are critical to financial services and insurance enterprises. Tessi Docubase® captures such historical data immutably and makes it available at fingertip convenience.

No whodunits here.

Authorized access is a key feature in an information-critical industry like financial services and insurance. Tessi Docubase® puts in place systems to manage access to documents in granular detail with controlled and delineated privileges. This ensures that every action on every document is trackable with detailed version histories. That’s data integrity at the source.

Stack up your digital systems.

Tessi Docubase® integrates seamlessly with systems like cash management systems, CRM, ERP, and other business tools in financial services and insurance, apart from enterprise applications in HR, accounting, and more. It enhances the performance of your legacy IT systems without the need for an expensive overhaul. Which means, digital transformation with minimal disruption.

Discover greater agility.

Enhance the performance of traditional processes with automated workflows. Automate time-consuming processes and remove redundancies. Enable quick turnarounds with the instant movement of digital documents through the chain of custody for action and approval.

Do more with less.

Reduce the man-hours by making optimal use of your employees’ time. Realize the difference to your bottom line with the digital foundation of enterprise document management made possible by Tessi Docubase®.

Earn redeemable goodwill.

Clear out inexplicable delays with quicker turnarounds, in addition to automated notifications, and alerts that ensure managers, employees, customers and other stakeholders are always in the loop. Improved customer service translates to redeemable goodwill and tangible benefits to the bottom line.

Retrieval at your fingertips.

With Tessi Docubase®, every document that enters the system is captured, stored, and indexed in granular detail. Be it customer records, forms, applications, policy documents, claims support or even memos, full-text search, and intelligent metadata capture ensure ease of storage and retrieval of documents.

Turbocharge your productivity.

In the financial services and insurance industries, scale is a function of optimizing the performance of document based processes. Give your business the Tessi Docubase® edge with the following salient features:

  • Standardize information captured, managed, and distributed across every function across every business segment as a single entity or at the enterprise level.
  • Improve employee productivity while lowering operating costs by automating business functions.
  • Automate business processes like claims processing and policy issuance.
  • Adapt legacy applications and agency management solutions to meet technology demands while protecting current IT investments.
  • Scale their security and control access solutions from standalone or departmental to enterprise-wide, depending on internal and external demands.
  • Eliminate filing cabinets to regain office space.
  • Secure customer information by limiting access to only authorized individuals.
  • Never lose a document. Protection against document and information loss.
  • Capture physical documents from any source with optical character recognition.
  • Enable the controlled flow of documents across departments and workflows seamlessly.
  • Access to records and information on the go and use the analytics to improve.
  • Manage compliance easily.

Gear up for the digital future

Make impactful improvements in your financial service and insurance business, measurable on your bottom line with enhanced scalability of operations across all functions.

Applications in the financial services enterprise

  • Customer Records
  • Human Resources
  • Loan and Mortgage Applications
  • Signature Verification
  • Transaction Requests
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Check Processing
  • Litigation Support
  • Credit Card Transaction Records

And a lot more

Applications in the insurance business

  • Claims Processing
  • New Policy Applications
  • Litigation Support
  • Property Recording
  • Policy Changes
  • Underwriting
  • Human Resources
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

And a lot more

Meet the evolution of financial services and insurance industries head on.

Finance and insurance markets are evolving as consumers seek new financial strategies and products, insurance policies in a competitive landscape ripe with innovation. While maintaining the highest degree of security and compliance is a priority, business process workflows and digital documents are at the forefront of this fundamental framework shift. Managing the changing customer needs and business dynamics is convoluted and highly time-consuming for financial institutions and insurance agencies alike, but managing documents need not be. And Tessi Docubase® makes it seamless.

Focus on delivering end-to-end financial services.

Financial service providers face many challenges ranging from banking and investments to lending. All of which demand a high volume of documentation and paperwork. Integrate core business processes across multiple business segments and link legacy systems throughout the enterprise to Tessi Docubase®’s DMS solution, with access to all the documents you need, on the go, regardless of format, with security and compliance.

Achieve differentiation with enhanced process efficiency.

Manage and distribute information that facilitates effective decision-making. Benefit from the distinct competitive advantage of Tessi Docubase®’s document management system that enables not just capturing, managing and distributing digital documents across the enterprise, but also workflow automation that removes redundancies and human error.

Docubase Check Manager™, for instance, enables financial representatives dealing with check payments to

  • Scan the check,
  • Read the MICR Code,
  • Capture an image of the check and
  • Automatically launch a query to an application.

Prime your business for exponential growth.

Leave your worries about deadlines, getting signatures, and compiling cover sheets. Focus your resources on scaling your business, and Tessi Docubase® helps you do so. We understand your most critical business processes and those you can automate. User-friendly functions help you set business rules in just a few clicks. Automation allows employees to stay on track with all their duties by sending them regular notifications. With all such potential speed bumps out of the way, your business should be enroute to the growth superhighway.

Get feature-rich software configurations to suit your insurance needs.

Tessi Docubase®’s DMS with Business Process Automations is a high-end configuration that meets the needs of insurance agencies ranging from as small as a single contributor to those with over 60 employees. Whether you use AOAs, the National Platform, or the Agent Gateway, you can retrieve client files with just a few clicks. Also, Docubase’s document imaging solution is compatible with any industry-related imaging and management system. We’ve got it all from TAM or DORIS by Applied Systems, AMS SIS, or other agency management systems.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

A document management system can do incredible things for your financial services or insurance enterprise, by not just allowing you to cut out paper, but also giving you the opportunity to streamline your everyday processes so you save more time and money. Additional features like secure electronic forms, advanced OCR, eSignatures, mobile access, and automation tools, make this an all-in-one centrepiece for any business of any size, in any industry. And what’s more, we fine-tune it exactly to your requirements.