Reduce operating costs and eliminate operational inefficiencies with a secure and comprehensive document management system.

Goodbye, paper.

Capture, store, retrieve, share, manage and approve all the digital documents generated by your enterprise seamlessly. Be it physical forms, validations, agreements, employee records, or billing, everything gets managed in one centralized repository.

Discover greater agility.
Enhance the performance of traditional processes with automated workflows. Automate time-consuming processes and remove redundancies. Enable quick turnarounds with the instant movement of digital documents through the chain of custody for action and approval.

Do more with less.
Reduce the man-hours by making optimal use of your resources and inventory. Realize the difference to your bottom line with the digital foundation of enterprise document management made possible by Tessi Docubase®.

Enhance service quality.
Improved customer service translates to redeemable goodwill and repeat orders. Clear out inexplicable delays with quicker turnarounds, in addition to automated notifications, and alerts that ensure employees, vendors, clients, and customers are always in the loop.

Launch your expansion with a document management springboard.

Whether you’re a small or a medium-sized business, your potential for growth and scale is limited by your foundational capacities. Give your business the digital edge to scale in the following ways.

  • Standardize information captured, managed, and distributed across every function.
  • Eliminate filing cabinets to regain office space.
  • Never lose a document. Protection against document and information loss
  • Capture physical documents from any source with optical character recognition.
  • Enable the controlled flow of documents across departments seamlessly.
  • Extend the life of past IT investments by linking electronic document repositories to legacy information systems
  • Access to business information on the go and use the analytics to improve.
  • Manage compliance easily

Stack up your digital systems.

Tessi Docubase® integrates seamlessly with systems like CRM, ERP, and other business tools, apart from applications in HR, Accounting, and more. It enhances the performance of your legacy IT systems without the need for an expensive overhaul. Which means, digital transformation with minimal disruption.

Retrieval at your fingertips.
With Tessi Docubase®, every document that enters the system is captured, stored, and indexed in granular detail. Be it certificates, forms, invoices, or memos, full-text search, and intelligent metadata capture ensure ease of storage and retrieval of documents.

Easier compliance than ever before.
Be it regulatory compliance or an investigation, secure audit trails are necessary for the functioning of businesses of any size. Tessi Docubase® captures such historical data immutably and makes it available at fingertip convenience.


Make impactful improvements in your business, measurable on your bottom line with enhanced scalability of operations across all functions.

Does a small or mid-sized business need a DMS?

Going paperless might look difficult from the perspective of a small or mid-sized business that has not familiarized itself with document management systems.

The amount of paper a small business deals with may be considerably less than that of a large corporation. However, they too will accumulate a lot of data, whether that is paper or an electronic mix, over time. Additionally, small businesses often lack the manpower necessary to manage their data effectively, as compared to larger enterprises. The impact of a crucial document going missing or unforeseen regulatory non-compliance is massive for a small or mid-sized business. The risk isn’t always apparent. But the potential loss and damage to your business could be of existential proportions.

Fortunately, it’s easier than you think with Tessi Docubase®. We help you establish the essentials so that you can make an informed business decision. With Tessi Docubase® you can streamline the process efficiently by exploring options like DMS and Business Process Automation. And all that with a highly intuitive interface for both casual and power users.

How Tessi Docubase® works across small & mid-size businesses?

Tessi Docubase® is perfect for managing the document-intensive processes at the core of a client’s business, where efficiency, security, and reliability are paramount. The utility of Tessi Docubase® has been proven for teams as small as two employees to enterprises with thousands!

The value of Tessi Docubase® goes well beyond making your office paperless. Check out how our document management system streamlines important business functions below.

Accounting & finance

A lot of work goes into creating every financial document. The process routes documents for reviews, requests approval, organizes them for retention, archival, compliance, and more. Tessi Docubase®’s document workflow eliminates the inefficiency of manual tasks by automating everything from simple approvals to complicated multi-step action chains governed by enforceable business rules.

Docubase not only offers a best-in-class document management solution that simplifies and streamlines the entire process but is widely used in accounts receivable, operations, tax, expense management, and budgeting. Its benefits to accounting and finance include:

  • Providing centralized document storage with security
  • Review, approval, and process steps automated
  • Activity logging of document audits
  • Digital signature integration, annotations, and redactions
  • Components of document control to ensure regulatory compliance

Proposals & Contracts

This specific area will have silos of paper. As proposals change from client to client, so do the contract documents. For small & mid-sized firms, every document counts to make their mark in business.

With Tessi Docubase® you can organize and collaborate on critical proposals & contacts documents to gain a competitive edge. Send estimates, product information, and contracts instantly to clients easily without spending time tracking them down. Furthermore, all your contracts and agreements can be signed securely with digital signatures, leaving out the necessity for cumbersome paper signatures and the consequent delays.

Secure archiving

An organized, secure centralized repository can protect your business against litigation, leaks, and loss while realizing the key benefits of digitization.

Tessi Docubase® automates provides archiving, storing, and searching of documents intuitively and intelligently as follows:

  • Secure physical data servers available on the cloud or on premises.
  • Best-in-class data security for all file formats.
  • Traceable and transparent auditing

Employee records & HR processes

In addition to managing hiring, onboarding, training, and performance, Tessi Docubase® offers businesses a centralized platform to handle all the paperwork related to HR.

  • Let your HR department ditch paper records and automate tasks that consume a lot of time.
  • Have your company’s employment records centralized and secure.
  • Enhance hiring procedures.
  • Secure collaboration with access controls.
  • A controlled environment with version control that logs all modifications and timestamps.

Customer support

The faster employees can access customer-related information, the better their ability to solve issues and improve customer satisfaction. With fewer bottlenecks and quicker turnarounds, automation of front and back-end office processes with Tessi Docubase® supports an enjoyable customer experience.

  • Automate all documentation related to customer accounts.
  • Create a central repository for all the records, in various formats, from various locations
  • Search instantly for records from the desktop or mobile device by conducting a simple search
  • Effortlessly resolve outstanding customer issues through automated workflows

Sales & marketing

Adaptable content solutions are essential for your sales and marketing team who are constantly on the move. Using Tessi Docubase®, you can create, deliver and close your prospect interactions seamlessly – on an intuitive, highly collaborative platform.

A platform that enables rich content-driven marketing and empowers sales teams.

  • Integrations with core business tools as well as existing CRM tools.

Adopting Tessi Docubase® at the core of your technology stack does not disrupt your existing sales workflows. Infact it enhances it by seamlessly integrating with sales and marketing tools like CRM.

  • Digitally transform the way you connect & respond

A centralized database ensures that your sales and marketing teams do not work in independent silos but with the most up-to-date information readily accessible from the core business processes. Not only are internal communications improved, so are the external client and customer-facing interactions.

Take advantage of ready-to-run solutions.

With Tessi Docubase®, you don’t need a specialized IT team and an extended timeline to automate your processes. In a matter of hours, we can have your system up and running.

Help us to know your business inside and out so we can help you target the most effective areas for document management and business process automation.

The ramp-up time is reduced by our customizable workflows. The cloud-based nature of our solution enables fast, easy, and secure deployment with no hardware to install, maintain or upgrade.

Get to grips with the most resource-intensive challenges.

For most SMBs, managing contracts, accounts payable, and human resources often take up more man-hours than their core functions. There is a better way with Tessi Docubase®.

  • Be faster, transparent, and cost-effective in your core areas with our document management solution
  • No more babysitting lifecycle processes, rather help your team focus on adding value
  • Spend no time chasing paperwork and more time generating revenue
  • No more wasted hours searching for lost documents

Enhance productivity by streamlining processes.

What is your current document distribution method?

Does it include an email system to exchange documents between team members and run paperwork back and forth? It is likely that you are welcoming the opportunity for human error, the loss of crucial information, and the potential slowdown of growth.

Automation is the key to document management. Once you capture a document,

  • It must work for you.
  • It should be available when you need it
  • And should be readily accessible to those who need it

Tessi Docubase® makes it simple to move documents through multiple touchpoints, which reduces processing time and the risk of misplacing critical documents. From creation to storage and distribution, Tessi Docubase® streamlines and automates the manual processes associated with managing documents.

Set up a distributed capture environment.

Is your SMB placed at more than one site? It is critical to provide a platform for your distributed teams to capture, store, and use documents. Tessi Docubase® offers advanced solutions that automate the scanning of paper documents.

  • Reduce the amount of time spent on capturing and producing metadata
  • Easy integration into core systems and workflow frameworks
  • Instantly available and searchable information across the organization

Regulatory compliance done right.

Complying with industry and government regulations is challenging since auditing is an extensive and laborious process. Managing files is the major compliance obstacle for most small & mid-sized companies. Another issue of compliance arises when employees save documents on their desktops/laptops. These files can’t be backed up on the server.

With an effective DMS solution from Tessi Docubase®,

  • Spend less time and effort preparing for an audit
  • Secure audit trails with version history and immutable metadata.
  • Quickly retrieve the right documents for an auditor
  • Have your information readily available for discovery
  • Reduced risk of noncompliance

Ready to Take the Next Step? 

Document management software can do incredible things for your small or medium business enterprise, by not just allowing you to cut out paper, but also giving you the opportunity to streamline your everyday processes so you save more time and money. Additional features like secure electronic forms, advanced OCR, eSignatures, mobile access, and automation tools, make this an all-in-one centrepiece for any business of any size, in any industry. And what’s more, we fine-tune it exactly to your requirements.

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