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Government entities of all sizes from the Federal Government to the smallest of Municipalities are under pressure through regulatory and citizen demand to provide access to information and enhance services. New legislative mandates and reductions in force and tax revenue have resulted in various departments having to take on greater workloads demanding they do more with less than before. The recent threats and challenges of terrorism and potential Homeland attacks has placed the additional burden on Government to guard itself by opening communications across multiple agencies, secure information and still maintain its citizens’ right to privacy and access to information.

DBS Solutions, Live Forms (eforms) and Docubase Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions enable government agencies and departments to reduce operating costs and eliminate operational inefficiencies by streamlining the capture, managing, and controlling the distribution of information in electronic format. Whether information is currently stored in paper or electronic form, even E-mail, a Docubase ECM solution enables you to manage this information securely and control access at the enterprise, group or user level. In addition, the unique storage method employed by Docubase provides disaster preparedness for you in that each electronic file contains its index information allowing for simplified reconstruction of an entire database from the back-up files.

Protecting current IT investments is also critical and the Docubase Information Suite™ suite allows you to enhance your enterprise/legacy data systems rather than displace them. A Docubase ECM solution allows you to continue using most legacy applications and enhances them by linking the Docubase Digital Warehouse™ so that the information contained in the complete Docubase ECM solution can be accessed at the desktop.

On May 29, 2008 Doug Clarke from IBT presented Docubase Information Suite to the Concho Valley Workforce board of directors in Texas. This presentation is after the initial implementation.
Click here to watch the video.This video opens in a new window and is about 20 minutes long.

Docubase ECM solutions enable Government agencies to:

  • Standardize how information is captured, managed and distributed across every Government segment
  • Provide information security and controlled access
  • Scale their solutions from standalone or departmental to enterprise-wide as internal and external demands dictate
  • Protect current IT investments of existing or legacy systems and link electronic repositories to legacy information

Typical applications within the Government sector include but are not limited to:

  • Municipal Records
  • Administration
  • Law Enforcement
  • Buildings and Permits
  • Human Resources
  • Fire and other

We encourage you to explore the benefits of using a Docubase ECM solution in your organization by contacting us for a free demonstration and assessment with one of our representatives.



Well informed municipal administrators have come to realize that streamlining operations with the DB-Municipality Suite will save them time, space, and frustration.

Gain Control

Links with popular agenda management applications allows creation and management of meeting agendas, minutes and much more. Electronic information housed in databases; paper based documents housed in physical filing cabinets that passes through many hands, increasing the potential for misplacement. The DB-Municipality Suite is designed to control all information regardless of form. This includes disparate documents like:

  • Reports
    • Departmental
    • Tax Revenue
    • Operational Expenses
  • Reconciliation
    • Vendor Vouchers
    • Check Processing

Enhanced Operations

Imagine the phone rings or a Resident enters your facility with a question on the status of his/her tax assessment. In days past, the search for this information might be overwhelming but not today. Using the DB-Municipality Suite, one simply need point and click the Resident Name, Property ID or other pertinent piece of information from within the accounting system in order to retrieve all of the student information right at the desktop.

Adding the Docubase DB-CheckPro software module, check processing is as simple as scanning the check. DB-CheckPro, along with a Seac-Banche check scanner, automatically captures the image and MICR information for use in processing and storage.


  • Secure storage
  • Controlled access
  • No lost financial records
  • Enhanced Check Processing
  • Improved reporting

Buildings and Permits

The DB-Municipality Suite puts all relevant information for building permits at your fingertips helping departmental staff process requests quickly and answer inquiries instantly. Further required actions like inspection requests are handled through the use of e-mail or the Docubase ‘work baskets’ allowing documents to be directed the appropriate user, further enhancing the process flow within your organization.

Reduce the Cost of Paper Processes

Paper documents are scanned while electronic documents and files are directly imported into the Docubase repository. Further enhancement to workflow is gained through the ability of Docubase to link permit records to virtually any application system. Docubase secures all stored files in an encrypted repository. Access to the repository is controlled through the use of assigned log-ins and passwords allowing activity rights based on document groups, workgroups and user level.

Enhance Customer Service

The DB-Municipality Suite provides the ability to automate permit application archival while paper documents are scanned and archived at the point of receipt. Building renderings from application generated from popular CAD software applications can be imported and stored in their electronic format. E-mail correspondence or other electronically created files are stored as part of the associated record within the repository. The workflow component of the DB-Municipality Suite routes information to the appropriate personnel based upon that department’s unique set of business rules.

Forms processing, OCR and ICR recognition technologies can further enhance the process by eliminating manual data entry for indexing.


  • Automatic application/information routing to the appropriate reviewer
  • Instant access to all permit documents from a single source
  • Elimination of filing cabinets to regain office space
  • No lost records
  • Controlled access for authorized personnel only
  • Immediate updates available to the entire department or municipality

Fire and other

Departmental operations are streamlined and secure using the DB-Municipality Suite. Processing permits, tracking investigations and evidence, managing fire and safety inspections are simplified by electronically linking the relevant documents to the corresponding files in your application software.


Case, citation and virtually all information is accessed directly from your desktop allowing you to review and provide responses to litigation or public inquiries in real time. Turnaround is enhanced by eliminating the need to search for paper documents, correspondence or even video files as these are all stored and accessible through from your application. The DB-Municipality Suite allows you to share this information via fax, print or e-mail right from your desktop.


Regulatory requirements are increasing the need to ensure the integrity and security of your departmental safety records for internal and external purposes. The DB-Municipality Suite provides a securely encrypted electronic repository eliminating lost, misplaced, mishandled or orphaned documents once they are stored into the repository. The audit features of the DB-Municipality Suite track and record all document actions and transactions, delivering the means to provide accurate documentation for use as proof of meeting regulatory requirements and compliance initiatives.

Additionally, routine compliance audits of personnel certification records are handled quickly and efficiently. Once captured, missing or “orphaned” records are a thing of the past and no longer a problem in the day to day transactional environment.


  • Secure, encrypted and controlled storage
  • Audit ready
  • No lost safety or certification records
  • Enhanced transactional turnaround
  • Improved operational efficiencies

Human Resources

In today’s world, it is a challenge to hire and retain the best personnel. It is an even more daunting task when you’re facing a mountain of resumes, employment applications, payroll inquiries, benefits documentation and more. The DB-Municipality Suite ensures that all applicant and employee information is centralized and secure. Employment and benefits enrollment applications, benefit claim forms, personnel records and all associated personnel documents are captured and stored electronically, allowing you retrieve a resume or answer a payroll or benefit question without leaving your desk.


The DB-Municipality Suite provides the ability to capture and maintain all applicant information in a centralized and securely encrypted repository that is accessible by all authorized personnel throughout the municipality. Documents, such as resumes, references and referral letters are presented to the hiring team quickly and easily. Annotation features allow for the addition of comments without changing the original document.

Payroll and Benefits Administration

Benefits management improvements result through point and click retrieval of employee paperwork like flex plan selections, claims, W-4 forms, 401(k) elections and insurance updates. Employee satisfaction is increased as a result of expeditious responses to inquiries and enhanced turnaround times when faced with life changing events.

The DB-Municipality Suite allows you to link into your payroll application and retrieve stored records like Forms 1099, W-4 and W-2, for instant reconciliation of issued paychecks against records in your payroll software. Use of the inherent workflow capabilities combined with your e-mail system helps expedite the review process by electronically routing key documents to managers.

Human Resource and benefits managers have ready access to retrieve images of signed documents, accident reports, employee handbooks, business policy manuals and other related materials as well as individual employee documents which are linked to your Human Resources software.


  • Streamlined hiring processes
  • Rapid benefits resolutions
  • Enhanced activation processes
  • Instant Payroll reconciliation
  • Improved employee relations

Law Enforcement

Departmental operations are streamlined and secure using the DB-Municipality Suite.

Operate more efficiently

No longer go through the time consuming process of checking and double checking your research. Have several different ways such as Names, streets, type of crime, and associations or groups to retrieve that information instantly verses needing to know the exact case number. Officers have immediate access to documents allowing them to spend more time on the streets and less time evaluation and gathering information for court appearance and field reports.

Departmental uses

Forensic Technicians, Firearms Examiners, and Crime Lab Technicians archive crime scene documents.
Purchasing & Requisitions Unit for directives, purchase orders, and invoices.
Police Detectives store crime reports.
Other law enforcement departmental uses include training facilities, jail operations, coroner’s office, support services staff, and the human resources department.

Unite files

All Documentation can be stored in the same files such as paper documents crime scenes, sketches, finger prints, blood and DNA sample information, and analytical work can be scanned digital pictures and Video from Patrol cars, crime scenes, mug shots can be directly imported to the system along with, E-mail, word, Excel, CAD drawings.


Link crimes together based by searching for similarities such as Names, streets, type of crime, and associations or groups. Hyper-link from one file to another with similar index information.

Provide responses to litigations or public inquiries

Eliminating the need to search for paper documents, correspondence, or even video files, as these are all stored and accessible through from your application enhances turnaround. The DB-Municipality Suite allows you to share this information via fax, print or e-mail right from your desktop.

Municipal Records

The job of the Municipal Secretary/Clerk can be overwhelming. With all the organizing, scheduling, and record keeping a Municipal Secretary/Clerk might fill that the weight of the Municipality is all on their shoulders. Unload the weight by streamlining operations with the DB-Municipality Suite saving time, space, and frustration.

Manage the Resolutions

Prepare and send resolutions through the appropriate workflows. Automatically routing the resolution to the needed steps, create revisions on the fly, and get the needed approvals in a fraction of the time.

Organize the Agenda

Organize and post City Council Meeting Agendas. Set blackout dates well in advance so no meetings are set during holidays or scheduled vacations. Select the appropriate meeting rooms based on room inventory. Post the Meeting agendas internally and over the Internet to the general public linked to your current web application. Notify Council member, special guest, needed experts, and the media of upcoming meetings via e-mail, Cell Phones and pagers through (text messaging).

Record the Minutes

Record the meetings, Votes, and proceedings to immediately provide continuity of municipal government as the legal record of legislative action.

Manage Records requests

Process public information requests in seconds from the imaged municipal documents, even have the ability to provide public access to documents over the Internet.

Records Management

Provide records management program for all city departments including maintenance, storage, retention, destruction, and preservation per the guidelines of state and federal archive regulations.

Enhanced Operations

Question on the Minutes or regulation; with a simply querry on the Date, description, or other pertinent piece of information Docubase retrieves the information right at the desktop.

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