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Since 1996 DBS has been the North America supplier of DOCUBASE information Suite and LiveForms Document Management and Business Process Automation products.

Our solutions help create effective business processes for better customer service and more productive workers. Docubase (EDMS) and LiveForms (e-forms) are offered as either in-house or fully hosted solutions for maximum technical flexibility and fit to budget. Our management team has over 120 years combined experience in technology and are 100% focused on our customers success.

Through our industry leading technology and world-class partner network we offer a full service bureau for all your Electronic Document and Content Management Service needs from document scanning to customer consulting. .

Our Mission

DBS Software & Serivces

For over 20 years we have provided document management and business process automation software to businesses in North America and Mexico. Reducing dependence on paper files, Automating manual tasks, and delivering secure access to information anytime from anywhere are just a few of the benefits of doing business with us!

World Class Partnerships are in our DNA

DBS Software & Serivces

Provider of DOCUBASE, Tessi is listed in the Paris Stock Exchange, has around 9,400 employees and posted 2019 turnover of €452.0 million

DBS Software & Serivces

Jenzabar offers innovative software solutions and services that help over 1,350 higher education institutions meet the demands of the modern student.

Our clients come from all corners of industry
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Professional Services

How we can help your organization

Improved service levels

  • Meet customers expectation for speed

  • Offer useful self-service options

  • Suprise and delight with excellent customer service

Increased productivity

  • Empower employees

  • Automate informatiom flows

  • Get more done with less across the organization

Improved efficiency

  • Reduce delays due to omission and errors

  • Information is available where needed when needed

  • Remove frictions and complexities from getting work done

See what we can do with a personal demonstration

The best way to see us in action is through a customized demo where an experienced we can answer all of your questions.

See DOCUBASE and LiveForms:

  • Lightning fast and friendly GUI
  • Flexible indexing
  • Content archiving and retrieving on demand
  • E-forms and business process automation
  • Industry-leading features and more…

All types of organization rely on DBS for their document management needs: