dbs eSign solution offers a perfect balance between security, user experience, and affordability.

dbs eSign is a cloud-based electronic signature solution that allows users to manage the signing process for a document, from upload to signing and sealing, from any mobile device or computer. In a few steps, confidently sign and have your documents signed using a solution proven in organizations small and large around the world.

The most intelligent way to sign your documents

How does dbs eSign work?

Step 1
Prepare your documents

You can upload any documents so you and others can sign them with ease. With complete confidence, manage approvals, mandates, signing methods, signing orders, legal notices, expiry eSign Signing field.

Step 2
Send and sign

You can sign any document, anywhere, on all your favorite devices within a WYSIWYS interface. We provide qualified, advanced, and compliant digital signatures with our solutions. All pieces of information are encrypted, and digital signatures are embedded into the document during our signature processes.

Step 3
Follow Up

Our tool immediately gives you an overview of all the information you need. In addition, reminders are sent out automatically, and all signed documents are stored for future downloads or searches.

What are the different types of digital signatures?

There are three types of digital signatures based on the Authentication, Electronic Identification, and Trust Services regulation. Our eSignature technology has been assessed for the legal effectiveness of our eSignature solution globally to guarantee compliance with UETA, eSIGN ACT, and eIDAS.

Basic or uncomplicated electronic signature(SES)

  • It does not check the identity of the signer.
  • After signature, be assured that none can change the content.
  • It has a high user experience.

Advanced electronic signature (AES)

  • It has a high probability of identifying the signer.
  • After signature, be assured that none can change the content.
  • Expect a high user experience.

Qualified electronic signature (QES)

  • 100% capable of identifying the signer.
  • After signature, be assured that none can change the content.
  • Experience a very high user experience.
  • It has advanced yet straightforward electronic signature capabilities.
  • Signing on digital transactions have different types of legalities, and each one of them has their own unique user experience.

All signatures and seals on signed documents will be 100% valid

By using the Electronic Signatures Validation Service, one can quickly check if the Certification Authority that issued the certificate can be trusted and if the digital certificate is valid. You can also check if the signed information has been altered in any way after an electronic signature is done.

Powerful digital signing features available at your fingertips

All the functionality you expect from a comprehensive digital signature tool, available directly from abs LiveForms or through your own branded user portal.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

The dbs eSign difference? We offer you the best-of-breed digital signature methods, from simple to qualified, while complying with eIDAS, UETA, eSign Act, and more. We go for an unparalleled digital signing experience without compromising on security.

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