Leaders are Continually Challenged to
Optimize their Business but…

Only 20% of organizations are aware of what paperless solutions can help them accomplish.

Suprise and delight customers by providing world-class service levels quickly and securely.
Empower employees to get more done with less by automating repetitive manual processes.
Become a more efficient organization by reducing delays and errors in handling business records.

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

We offer a range of electronic document and content management solutions. Our portfolio of products includes everything you need to capture, store, and manage vital business documents from across the organization no matter their form (paper, electronic media, and other computer files) securely from anywhere, at any time. It is well known that improvements in efficiency achieved by having immediate access to all important records from everywhere, together with the savings in document storage and handling costs, quickly result in significant increases to profitability. See how going digital can help your organization today.

  • Transform into an efficient paperless organization
  • Empower your distributed workforce to get work done
  • Safeguard your critical business records

Electronic Forms & Business
Process Automation (BPA)

Complexity is a burden on profitability. Today’s organizations are overrun with manual processes that make time and profits vanish. To help stop the drain, dbs LiveForms is a low-code BPA platform that makes it easy to create electronic forms, automate workflows, integrate business applications, and share information throughout the organization. Using drag-and-drop menus business users can easily create forms that capture information from any device, build dynamic documents on the fly, set up signature flows, and process them using intelligent business rules – without the need for IT involvement.

  • Create forms to capture data from any mobile device
  • Automate repetitive manual tasks and processes
  • Model and orchestrate business critical workflows


DBS Cloud Services offers the benefits of a full-featured electronic Document Management and Business Process Automation solution, as a service delivered from our secure cloud. Hosted in a secure SSAE 16 compliant data center, your organization can have it all. Full web based document management solution, system administration services, document storage and backups, and immediate access to your information all without any IT worries. With DBS Cloud you can enjoy all the benefits of a paperless organization without any of the administration overhead.

  • Web based Document Management and Electronic Forms “as a service”
  • All-inclusive software, document storage, service, and maintenance
  • Flexible and affordable usage-based pricing

All types of organization rely on DBS for their document management needs: