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Only 20% of organizations are aware of what digital solutions can help them accomplish.

Surprise and delight customers by providing world-class service levels quickly and securely.
Permettez aux employés d'en faire plus avec moins en automatisant les processus manuels répétitifs.
Devenez une organisation plus efficace en réduisant les retards et les erreurs dans le traitement des documents commerciaux.


Managing information is the lifeblood of any organization. Our solutions feature everything you need to capture, store, and properly manage vital business documents across the organization no matter their form (paper, electronic media, and other computer files), securely from anywhere, at any time. We deliver significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and profitability achieved by providing immediate access to all important records across the organization and eliminating document storage and handling costs. See how going digital with us can help your organization today.

  • Transformez-vous en une organisation efficace sans papier
  • Donnez à votre personnel dispersé les moyens d'accomplir son travail
  • Protégez vos documents commerciaux essentiels


Today’s organizations are overrun with manual processes that make time and profits vanish. To help stop the drain, we offer a low-code platform that makes it easy to create forms, automate workflows, integrate business applications, and move information throughout the organization. Use drag-and-drop to create beautiful forms accessible from any device, build dynamic documents on the fly, execute signature flows, and coordinate workflows with intelligent business rules, and without the need for any coding or heavy IT support.

  • Quickly create beautiful forms to capture data

  • Automate repetitive manual flows, tasks, and processes

  • Move information seamlessly throughout the organization


Create document completion, approvals, and signature flows. Manage the entire signing process from any device. In a few steps, confidently sign and have your documents signed using a variety of signing methods securely and compliant with eSignature regulations ESIGN and UETA.

  • Upload documents, create approval and signature flows
  • Manage and track signature sessions
  • Capture compliant signatures from any device


We know that having a customer centric approach means placing clients at the heart of everything your organization does. We offer solutions to support your organization in key areas such as customer relationship management, business process automation, intelligent document processing, and e-learning management. We are the perfect partner for fast growing organizations to align their customer facing processes with organizational efficiency and profitability.

  • Achieve 360 degree visibility of your customer journeys
  • Automate repetitive business processes and workflows
  • Deliver academic and training courses to students and staff


All of our solutions are offered as a service hosted in the dbs Cloud or in an enterprise grade public cloud. Our cloud based solutions provide secure, reliable, and immediate access to your information, all without any IT worries. With our SaaS solutions you can enjoy all the benefits of a digital organization without any of the administration overhead.

  • Cloud based solutions for Document Management, CRM, BPA, and eLearning
  • All inclusive service covering software, support, and maintenance
  • Flexible and affordable pricing

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