Titan for Reports™

In their information systems, companies manage information in the form of audit reports, accounting documents, invoices, pay statements, account statements, etc. All of these documents are printed in several copies. They are often stored in paper format and are sometimes archived on microfiches or microfilm.

Whatever the destination, companies are confronted with problems involving the cost, confidentiality, searching and life-cycle control of these documents.

Docubase TITAN for Reports™ allows you to classify, index and distribute this information to one or more recipients automatically in electronic form.

Docubase TITAN for Reports™ will often give you a return on your investment in less than 6 months. This upgradable solution can be supplemented with the other modules of the Docubase Information SuiteTM product line to adapt it fully to the developing requirements of any company or organization.


Classification and archiving of computer reports Docubase TITAN for Reports™ is the ideal solution for automatic classification of accounting reports. In addition to its archiving features, its quick and selective search capabilities and printing and distribution options make it a work tool that will soon become indispensable.

Docubase TITAN for Reports™ Customer Relationship Management is able to manage the classification of several million invoices and associated attachments, such as consumption statements or delivery slips. The document server is able to respond to hundreds of simultaneous queries. This solution provides access to documents and information in a few seconds and responds instantly to users. Docubase TITAN for Reports™ reaches its full power when it is integrated into a Customer Relationship Management system (Support centers, sales departments, etc.).

Document dematerialization After they are automatically classified, the documents can be distributed on standalone CDs/DVDs containing search and browsing tools. Docubase TITAN for Reports™ lets you avoid the dispatch costs of paper listings and microforms.


  • Full automation of received computer reports: procedure is in standby while waiting for a file to become available, processing is started by a scheduler, etc.
  • Automatic recognition of report type
  • Procedure for managing errors, rejections and recoveries
  • Processing of files with line mode flows: ASCII – EBCDIC – ASA – ANSI
  • Processing of files with encoded flows: IBM AFP DS – ADOBE PDF – ISO PDF/A


  • Automatic, configurable segmentation of publishing files into pages or documents
  • Configurable filter for decoding non-standard line formats
  • Option of immediate or deferred document classification
  • Option of converting all supported encoded flows to PDF
  • Completely configurable index extraction
  • Information extraction by area or by column based on absolute (line, column) or relative (character string) positional criteria
  • Persistence management (propagation) of indices to following pages or following documents
  • Numerous character string or numeric processing functions for checking and formatting indices:
    framing, formatting, truncation, word extraction, masks, conditional extraction, etc.

Product Compatibility

Browser Clients

Windows XP Pro
Internet Explorer

Archive Servers

Windows Server 2003
Sun Solaris
Red Hat Linux
Fedora Linux
Ubuntu Linux