Increase service revenue, improve customer retention, and boost profits with dynamic QR Code powered inspections and maintenance forms. Service Agent QR makes it easy for your customers to document, report, and request maintenance services from any device by simply scanning the QR code attached to the equipment in use. Keep preventative maintenance schedules on track and prevent equipment downtime by automatically tracking equipment use hours/miles and setting reminders and alerts for key maintenance events. Service Agent QR eliminates the hassle of paper and cumbersome telephone prompt based service request processes and transforms your service department into a more profitable on-demand customer oriented operation.

How does it work?

Service Agent QR enhances the customer experience by sending customer support requests directly to the dealer service agent, bypassing cumbersome manual and telephone prompt processes. Using a smartphone or tablet the customer (equipment operator) simply scans the QR Code on the equipment and is taken to an electronic form that already knows the exact piece of equipment, its location, and any other associated information.  A few questions on the form provide the dealer with unit hours, warning lights notices, damage, other operator concerns, and contact information.  Pictures or videos can be submitted by the equipment operator directly on the form for a better issue explanation.

Upon submission, the service department gets an instant notification email that a service request form has been submitted. Each submitted form provides complete unit information including Make, Model, Year, VIN, Customer contact, service hour interval, next service hour due, reason for customer submission and exact unit location at time of submission.  All that is left is to make the service scheduling follow up call. Service Agent QR is a great way to enhance dealership Preventive Maintenance (PM)  programs. Equipment operators simply use the Service Agent QR code to report unit hours during equipment refueling or on a weekly basis.  The form automatically calculates the next service hour requirement and only notifies the dealership service agent once the unit hour has surpassed its notification level.  Service Agent QR frees up the equipment owner of the mundane task of equipment PM logs and enables the dealership to become a strategic long-term customer partner.

Service Agent  QR is an all-inclusive solution that consists of the online forms customized to your specific operation, and the printing equipment and supplies necessary to create the QR codes that are affixed to the equipment. The equipment QR codes are printed on industrial quality stickers designed to resist the harshest environments and provide up to 10 years of life making Service Agent QR a long-term customer connection even after equipment ownership is transferred.

Service Agent QR is powered by dbs’ LiveForms, a powerful low-code forms and workflow solution which means that all service forms are kept secure and unaltered, and updates or changes to the forms are quickly rolled out with no interruptions. This ensures that the dealership has reliable documentation regarding all reported maintenance issues including the date submitted, location of the equipment, etc. Additionally an optional digital log of repairs made is available, and forms and workflows to support new use-cases can be added at minimal incremental cost.

Service Agent QR is designed to enhance the ongoing ownership experience for customers and increase service department revenues and customer repeat purchasing for dealers.

Key Features
  • Industrial quality QR code sticker printer and supplies included in solution.
  • Powered by dbs LiveForms low-code forms and workflow.
  • Geolocation of equipment automatically captured upon scan of QR code.
  • Automatic hour/mileage tracker built into service request form.
  • Submit pictures/video directly on the service form.
  • Capture contact information and any other information needed to complete the service order.

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