The constant stream of mergers, acquisitions, and tougher competition are forcing retailers to find better and more efficient ways of doing business. Not only do they compete on price, but also on the availability of product, ability to deliver that product on time and they must still maintain a high level of quality and service. Retailers must address issues and processes from all sides of their business including suppliers and customers to the level of instant check approval.

Customer retention in the retail sector is no longer based solely on relationship but has come to include price, availability, and services where customers can obtain what they want when they want it. It is a 7/24/365 world we now live in and retailers who want to remain competitive must conform to these changes and customer demands. This means that retailers must look to technology solutions to streamline processes with their suppliers and allow customers to purchase goods, check order and account status and even communicate with their representative if needed.

Retailers seeking to improve their operational efficiencies can leverage the Docubase Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution, to capture information in paper or electronic form, manage the information in a consistent manner, store it in a central repository that is accessible through existing business applications and allow controlled access by internal and external sources. The use of Docubase Check Manager™ allows retailers to scan a customer’s check, read the MICR code, capture an image of the check and through links to various applications, obtain check approval within seconds. In this way, retailers can increase operating efficiencies and lower operating costs while allowing customers to engage in a more self service oriented environment.

Docubase ECM solutions enable Retailers to:

  • Increase communications between customers, suppliers, and internal resources
  • Enhance the purchase process for both customer and suppliers
  • Ensure standard and consistent information management practices with access authorization for authorized partners and personnel only
  • Process check payments in a more expeditious manner

Typical applications within the Retail sector include but are not limited to:

  • Check Processing
  • Order Processing
  • Customer Order Tracking
  • Purchasing
  • Product Cataloging
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Human Resources
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

We encourage you to explore the benefits of using a Docubase ECM solution in your organization by contacting us for a free demonstration and assessment with one of our representatives.