PROVOX provides one of the innovative and modern agenda management products worldwide. Based on the Microsoft.NET technologies,  Agenda.NET™ gives you the opportunity to adapt your existing organizational structures and your customer needs in a few hours.

Agenda.NET™ has all the features modern agenda management software needs. Started by an easy-to-use system management, over an ergonomic master and foundation data module, to a unique and clear agenda and meeting management – Agenda.NET™ is a perfect solution for every kind of municipality and/or organisation.

Agenda.NET’s™ user range is from 1 client to more than 1,600 clients.

A database-based internet and intranet module supports you by providing selected information on your exisitng websites. We can adapt to your exisiting internet layout in a few hours.

Some highlights:

Flexible and customize Workflow-Management

Agenda.NET™ gives you the opportunity to build your own workflows with a few mouse clicks. The workflows can be used in the pre- and post-signing of agenda items and in the tracking control of agendas, agenda items and minutes.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

PROVOX supports you with a complete SharePoint integration. You can integrate users outside of Agenda.NET™ in workflows for agenda items and/or minutes and agendas. The user can add their comments in the exisiting Office environment. The results of these workflows will be integrated in Agenda.NET™.

Communication via Text-Messages and E-Mail / Meeting packages

Agenda.NET provides a paperless agenda management with an integrated e-mail and text messaging system. You can invite the councillors and other important people via text messages and/or e-mail to the necessary meetings. Agenda.NET™  also has the ability to prepare global or private meeting packages. The elected representatives can build their own meeting packages in the secure internet module. The meeting package integrates the agenda items, agendas, invitations and all attachments.

Preparing the agendas and minutes with one mouse click

Based on the agenda items and the defined and dynamic workflows in the items, the agendas and minutes are prepared with only one mouse click. Agenda.NET™ will also integrate the customizable standard topics and groups.

Integration in Microsoft Office and Outlook

With the integration of your existing Microsoft Office and Outlook integration, Agenda.NET™ gives you the opportunity to prepare all the important information for your meetings. The documents will be prepared in the existing Microsoft Word. The user will have to complete functionality of Word, Office and Outlook. PROVOX guarantees a mixed environment of  different Office versions. Planned meetings can be added to the private Outlook calender with one mouse click.

Preparing the minutes live in the meetings

The user can prepare the minutes in easy to use forms – live in the meeting. They can provide elected representatives and  the attendees with necessary information on each topic on the agenda. With one mouse click, the user can present the agenda items and the attachments.

Voting can be added into the database by using the ergonomic voting module.

Automatically upload into the internet

Selected information will be uploaded into the internet and/or intranet with the Migration & Replication tool. This tool replicates the newest or most recently modified data into the database-based internet module. The module can adapt the layout of your existing website in a few hours.  Migration & Replication will be running as a service and upload the information in a secure environment.

Internet and intranet module

Agenda.NET™ comes with a strong and flexible internet and intranet module. The module is dynamic and the records are stored in a secure database. The existing internet layout can be adapted in a few hours, so only a link on the existing website is necessary to display the Agenda.NET™ information. The module has a public and private area. The elected representatives will get a secure desktop by using their user name and password. Agenda.NET™ can show them a private and public meeting calendar, new or modified items, a virtual forum and much more information.

Customizable Templates

Agenda.NET™ uses customizable Word templates for document generation. These templates will be used for the preparation of all necessary documents (i.e. Agenda items, invitations, frontsheets, minutes, participant lists and labels). System users can build their own templates and store them in the database. Theere can be numerous templates for each category.

These are some of the unique highligts in Agenda.NET. We are more than happy to present you the complete Agenda.NET™ in a face-to-face or online presentation.