Live Forms Features

Live Forms is Business Process Automation with electronic forms, workflow, database connectors, and ECM compatability.

* Technology-enabled automation of business processes
* Increase service quality and delivery
* Eliminate the cost of printing, storing, and distributing pre-printed forms
* Achieve digital transformation
* Live Forms are completed faster because it automatically formats, calculates, looks up, and validates information for the user
* With digital signatures and Workflow, approval cycle times can be significantly reduced.
* With electronic submission of completed forms, you can eliminate the cost of re keying data and the associated errors
Free 60-day Online Trial

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Mobile Device Ready

Tablet | Smartphone | Desktop – Live Forms delivers E-Forms and workflow simplified.

Aside from eliminating the cost of printing, storing, and distributing pre-printed forms, and the wastage of obsolete forms, Live Forms can be filled out faster because the programming associated with them can automatically format, calculate, look up, and validate information for the user. With digital signatures and Live Forms Workflow, approval cycle times can be significantly reduced. With electronic submission of completed forms, you can eliminate the cost of rekeying data and the associated errors. Live Forms connects to Docubase and stores the signed form and attachments automatically without need of printing, scanning, or indexing.

With the explosion of tablets and smart phones in the marketplace:

  • Users expect always-on access from tablets, smart phones and desktops.
  • The number of platforms on which business processes must run is growing rapidly.
  • Enterprise mobile projects are quickly outnumbering native PC projects.
  • The vast majority of these mobile apps will be integrated with enterprise services.

With Live Forms, mobile is just built-in. You can create forms and workflows from Expense Reports to Sales Orders to Patient Referrals once and they will automatically look good and work smoothly across tablets, smart phones and desktop computers. You can also customize the mobile rendering. Your users will benefit from a consistent experience with 24×7 access across all devices.

You can integrate with databases and internal systems, export PDF documents like Government W-4s, work with XML documents, setup notifications, report on data and deploy in the cloud or on-premise. Live Forms works with most app servers and can be deployed in a secure, clustered environment for scalability, always-on fault tolerance and high performance.


Collecting signatures is now a breeze. With Live Forms, you can drop in signature controls into your form. On a mobile device with a touch screen, the user can simply sign using a stylus. If the form is rendered on a desktop computer, the mouse can be used instead. These “wet” signatures can be combined with Live Form’s built-in digital signatures to ensure that the user’s signature is captured while simultaneously ensuring data integrity.

Live Scan

Live Scan is a web based scanning application designed for Live Forms.  Rapidly scan in documents such as invoices, contracts, employee records, customer records, or any other paper based documents and automatically link them to your Form.

Live Pay

Live Pay is your credit card payment capture application. Live Forms  payment portal transfers your customer to your credit card payment system vendor for a secure payment process and full payment reporting. Using Live Pay inside your forms is as easy as drag on to the form and drop in place.



All functionality is available on mobile devices including workflow task lists, calculations, skip logic, integration, PDF export, automatic validation, and internationalization. As customers, partners and employees increasingly migrate to tablets and smart phones, it’s imperative that they do not suffer from a compromised user experience. With Live Forms, you can offer the same capabilities across devices and platforms.


Live Forms will automatically adjust to mobile screen sizes. Form elements that appear next to each other on a desktop or tablet with sufficient screen real estate could appear one below the other on smaller smart phone screens. Of course, you can customize the rendering to fit your needs.


Mobile devices are often equipped with cameras. With such a device, users can easily attach pictures taken with the camera such as an accident report or a profile picture to your form.


Using Live Frorm’s form builder, you can export pixel-perfect PDFs such as a Government W-4 with data. Your users can even sign on a touch screen device such as an iPad and the signature will be transferred to the PDF. This means you can focus on providing the best possible user experience on all devices and yet meet business and regulatory requirements.
Live Forms delivers paperless, e-forms and workflows that are easy to customize, works on all devices and solve real business problems.


Customize forms and workflows to fit your business. So easy to use that you can put it in the hands of business users rather than expensive programmers.


Drag and drop to easily create workflows to route forms between users. Built-in electronic signature capture, role-based routing, task list, email/mobile notification and audit trail streamline your forms workflow and help you get closer to a paperless office environment.


Even your least tech-savvy business users will find our intuitive, drag-and-drop, 100% web-based interface easy to use. No programming or installation required. Live Forms lets you create and deploy your forms and workflows swiftly and easily.


Flexible deployment (public or private cloud) – Host your forms and workflows on our’ servers in a secure datacenter or install the software in-house behind your own firewall.


Your form submission data can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet at any time, or integrate with any open database to quickly update your business systems with data from Live Forms.


Business forms typically require a rich set of integration options. With Live Forms, you can download your submission data as Excel, easily read from or write to your own database, work with document management and other business systems.

XML and XML Schema support is built-in and supports integration with a wide array of products such as Business Process Management engines, CRM systems and web services.


Use Live Forms’ built-in task list to view, manage and perform pending tasks. Search tasks, view audit trails, and check the status of your workflows. Streamline your forms workflow, enable mobile business forms, and take a step closer to the paperless office.


Notifications are built-in. This enables business users to stay on top of urgent tasks like workflow approvals. Since mobile forms are included, employees can sign and approve from any device, any where at any time


Even your least tech-savvy business users will find our intuitive, drag-and-drop, 100% web-based interface easy to use. No programming or installation required. Live Forms lets you create and deploy your forms and workflows swiftly and easily.


With Live Forms, there’s nothing to install and you can begin designing forms in minutes using your existing web browser. You can also be confident that your forms will work in the vast majority of browsers across all platforms, devices and operating systems.


Real-world business requirements typically include database forms that can be pre-filled with data from a SQL database and can also save data to the database. Using Live Forms free, database connector, it’s easy to connect online forms to your database for things like looking up customer records, pulling up order information etc.


Live Forms work in all languages worldwide. RTL languages such as Arabic are also supported. You can work with customers and users located around the globe in their own language. Internationalization works for mobile business forms on tablets as well as e-forms on regular desktop computers.

Live Forms online builder provides an easy, affordable way to create mobile forms and workflows that are easy to customize, that work on all devices and solve real business problems. Live Forms is not just a tool, is the way business gets done today!