Originating over 10 years ago, Docubase FRAMEWORK™ continues to evolve and continually provide improved performance, making it the market reference.

Ruggedness, dependability, recoverability and performance are key features of Docubase FRAMEWORK™ making it one of the most reliable systems available.

Maintaining its original indexing technology, Docubase FRAMEWORK™ is easily able to store hundreds of millions of documents of any size and format and adheres to stringent archival standards including the European AFNOR NF Z42-013 technical constraint standards.

Main Features




Docubase FRAMEWORK™ makes it possible to manage a hierarchized system according to the nature of the documents, how often they are retrieved, expiration dates and the various physical storing methods used. (Storage bays, juke-boxes, CD-ROM, UDO, SAN…)

The standard version of Docubase FRAMEWORK™ offers document search and retrieve functionality with many annotation, tracking, exporting and e-mail functions.

Enhancement modules for Docubase FRAMEWORK™ include a free-text indexing module, and a Web search and browsing application.

Product Compatibility


Windows NT4 Workstation
Windows 2000 Pro
Windows XP Pro
CITRIX or Terminal Services


Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2003 Server
Linux Red Hat
Linux Suse
Unix (IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, HP-UX, Unixware)
zLinux on IBM mainframe