Docubase as a Service

In a busy office, electronic document management is the key in eliminating paper, increasing employee productivity, providing better customer service and staying compliant with ever-changing government regulations. But the big question is how to get electronic document management when facing increasing budget restraints.

DaaS (Docubase as a Service)

Docubase combines the power of Docubase Information Suite with the ease of Software as a Service (SAAS) to create Docubase as a Service. No IT staff required, no servers, and no hassle; Docubase handles all administration needs. Set up and training is part of the package, and every set up can be customized to fit the customer’s unique requirements. Docubase as a Service; complete content management solution without the upfront capital investment.

Compliance Readiness

The Docubase as a Service provides the security, access control and tracking capabilities you need to ensure your business is operating under the regulatory guidelines and adhering to your records management policies.

Disaster Preparedness

Docubase as a Service stores information redundantly for total disaster preparedness. Should disaster, whether caused by nature or man, strike your business, your data is secure and can be retrieved within seconds from any internet attached computer.