Agenda.NET as a “Software as a Service” solution

Agenda.NET can be installed on your exisiting Server or you can use it as a Sofware as a Service solution.

Easy to use, easy to install

The benefit of a Sofware as a Service solution is that you don’t need to have a Server in your environment. The software is installed on a server in our data center. Users are connected to their private, secure database by clicking on an Agenda.NET™ icon on their desktop.


Updates and other important service packs will be installed from our support team, so the users will allways work with the newest versions.

Secure Data

Your data will be saved on our server in the data center. In the event of an equipment malfunction, our technical support team can restore your records in a few hours.

Save Time and Money

With a Software as a Service solution, you can save a lot of time and money. You don’t need a server or technical staff to work with the application. This saves you time and money.

Security of Investment

Agenda.NET™ as a SaaS application will give you a high level of security on your investment, because you don’t need to buy a license. With a low monthly leasing agreement, you don’t have a long contract term or large initial investment.