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    Economic downturns, post 9-11 insurance rate increases, and fluctuating fuel costs are pressuring the transportation industry to seek additional ways to maintain profitability and competitive advantage. Couple this with sluggish retail sale resulting in fewer shipments and less overall revenue, the option being looked by transportation organizations is in administrative operations.

    Transportation companies know how to move materials in an efficient and expeditious manner. Since this is their business focus, they have typically spent the bulk of their budgets on fleet maintenance and upgrades to ensure reliability and return business. Today, these organizations must look to the IT department and streamlining administrative operations to lower operational costs and streamline the billing process in order to shorten the receivables cycle and increase cash flow.

    Docubase Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions can help transportation organizations get control of their administrative operations by scanning paper documents like Bills of Lading, and moving it through the system electronically. Not only can they scan at the home office, but using remote scan capabilities, drivers or administrative personnel can capture the bill of lading at satellite locations and begin the receivables process before the driver and original paperwork arrive at the home office. This means that invoices can be sent to clients within hours rather than day or weeks as in the past.

    Docubase ECM solutions enable Transportation companies to:

    • Capture and manage all shipping information whether paper or electronic
    • Decrease the receivables cycle and improve cash flow
    • Streamline administrative operations and increase employee efficiency
    • Ensure standard and consistent information management practices

    Typical applications within the Transportation sector include but are not limited to:

    • Bills of Lading
    • Driver Records
    • Fleet Maintenance Records
    • Purchasing
    • Driver Logs
    • Trip Information and Receipts
    • Human Resources
    • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

    We encourage you to explore the benefits of using a Docubase ECM solution in your organization by contacting us for a free demonstration and assessment with one of our representatives.


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