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    The manufacturing sector is facing great pressure and challenges in relation to global competition and the need to bring new and innovative products to market quickly. While manufacturers often spend time and resources to update the manufacturing facilities, they now see the need to need to strengthen customer relations and streamline operations and interactions with supply-chain contributors through IT improvements in order to remain competitive.

    The range of systems, applications and operating platforms within a manufacturing organization can be varied and non-interactive between business units and facilities. The result can be a delay in process due to lack of timely access to critical decision making information. Capturing, managing and controlling access to information resident in a central, shared repository allows all business entities to obtain and review information at the desktop and act in a more timely fashion. This results is improved communications between departments, customers and suppliers regardless of location and increased efficiency of business processes.

    Manufacturers seeking to improve their operational efficiencies can leverage the Docubase Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution to capture information in paper or electronic form, manage the information and store it in a central repository accessible through existing business applications and allow controlled access by internal and external sources. In this way, engineering, manufacturing, accounting, customers, suppliers and management can all have access to critical information they need when they need it.

    Docubase ECM solutions enable Manufacturers to:

    • Increase communications between customers, suppliers, and internal resources
    • Enhance the purchase process and decrease inventory costs by leveraging electronic file access
    • Ensure standard and consistent information management practices with access authorization for authorized partners and personnel only
    • Maximize value through integration with legacy systems as well as newer systems utilizing applications such as CADD

    Typical applications within the Manufacturing sector include but are not limited to:

    • CADD File Management
    • Engineering Changes
    • Customer Order Tracking
    • Purchasing
    • Product Cataloging
    • Shipping and Receiving
    • Human Resources
    • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

    We encourage you to explore the benefits of using a Docubase ECM solution in your organization by contacting us for a free demonstration and assessment with one of our representatives. 


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