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    As a Trade Member of the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) and founding member of the European EDMS Professionals Association known as ASSOCIATION DES PROFESSIONALS DE LA GEIDE (APROGED), Docubase has been instrumental in influencing technology development and market directions for the industry. Members of the Docubase team have in the past and currently hold positions on committees within these and other organizations to address issues that include industry standards, emerging technologies and certifications like the Certified Document Imaging ArchiTech™ (CDIA) and the AIIM ERM and ECM Certifications.


    The insurance industry is a rapidly changing market facing restructuring, the need for additional offerings and an increased commitment to customer service. This is true not just at the corporate level where they have been dealing with this for some time, but increasingly at the agency level. The challenge presented at all levels of the insurance industry is how to manage customer information in a way that will increase operating efficiencies, lower operating costs and allow Customer Service Representatives to communicate with their customers in a more timely and accurate manner.

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    We’ve witnessed how difficult it can be to maintain student files and records that are coherent, confidential and comprehensive, let alone accessible in real-time. We have found that the difference between a scrambling student services representative and a well informed responsive one is of vital importance to bottom-line results. With limited time to search filing cabinets for paper-based documents and the network for electronically generated files such as grades, transcripts, emails, and attendance records, registrations of new students might, in the past, have come as a dreaded experience three times a year.

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    Government entities of all sizes from the Federal Government to the smallest of Municipalities are under pressure through regulatory and citizen demand to provide access to information and enhance services. New legislative mandates and reductions in force and tax revenue have resulted in various departments having to take on greater workloads demanding they do more with less than before. The recent threats and challenges of terrorism and potential Homeland attacks has placed the additional burden on Government to guard itself by opening communications across multiple agencies, secure information and still maintain its citizens’ right to privacy and access to information.

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    Recent legislation and changes in information technology have brought about many changes with regard to information management in the Healthcare industry. The enactment of HIPAA and the regulations it imposes regarding Patient Privacy and Accountability, have caused Healthcare providers and services to assess their current records management practices and IT environments to ensure compliance with the HIPAA regulations are met.

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    As a Legal Practitioner and member of a larger firm or organization, you are faced with an extremely competitive environment. Mounting pressure to improve client service levels while at the same time increase profitability drive you toward the use of technology enhancement to streamline operations and establish a consistent means of managing corporate information in a coherent manner that delivers interoperability with your current business applications. All of these have a major impact as success factors for your practice. Yet these are not the only concerns you must address. Compliance of many sorts, adherence to Court edict and discovery requests, timely delivery and disclosure, all part of the daily routine, could spell disaster for your case, your firm and your reputation if not handled properly and professionally.

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    Financial Services

    Increasing demand by customers for enhanced bank and financial services providers to deliver full featured end-to-end services from banking and investments to lending and insurance creates serious challenges in remaining competitive. As a result, banks and financial services providers are seeking to integrate critical business processes across multiple business segments and link legacy systems throughout the enterprise to Electronic Content Management (ECM) solution that will deliver and present a plethora of information to the desktop, regardless of format.

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    The manufacturing sector is facing great pressure and challenges in relation to global competition and the need to bring new and innovative products to market quickly. While manufacturers often spend time and resources to update the manufacturing facilities, they now see the need to need to strengthen customer relations and streamline operations and interactions with supply-chain contributors through IT improvements in order to remain competitive.

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    Economic downturns, post 9-11 insurance rate increases, and fluctuating fuel costs are pressuring the transportation industry to seek additional ways to maintain profitability and competitive advantage. Couple this with sluggish retail sale resulting in fewer shipments and less overall revenue, the option being looked by transportation organizations is in administrative operations.

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    The constant stream of mergers, acquisitions, and tougher competition are forcing retailers to find better and more efficient ways of doing business. Not only do they compete on price, but also on the availability of product, ability to deliver that product on time and they must still maintain a high level of quality and service. Retailers must address issues and processes from all sides of their business including suppliers and customers to the level of instant check approval.

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