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    Vega for Imaging™


    Docubase VEGA for Imaging™ offers a set of features for paper or electronic document acquisition.

    Docubase VEGA for Imaging™ includes:

    • Batch digitization of paper documents
    • Bulk acquisition of documents from folders, faxes or multifunction photocopiers
    • Batch management
    • Many automatic indexing and document processing options
    • Assisted and verified indexing
    • Classification in document databases and electronic folders, and injection into workflow procedures

    The flexibility of the Docubase VEGA for Imaging™ offering makes it a solution suitable for companies and organizations of all sizes. It can be used in centralized or multi-site mode and at volumes appropriate for each structure.


    • B&W, color and gray level digitization
    • Support for duplex scanners, with or without endorser
    • Digitization parameters saved as a library
    • Management of envelope, document and page separators
    • Support for single-page and multi-page image files
    • Integrated image processing features:
      zoom, rotation, cropping, rectification, etc.
    • Visual monitoring of images and batches during digitization
    • Digitized batch handling functions:
      insertion, deletion and moving of pages, documents and envelopes
    • Acquisition of electronic documents from personal or shared folders
    • Acquisition of electronic documents from multi-function photocopiers


    • Customization of indexing forms
    • Index element entry help:
      authority list, value dictionary,
      value checking, hierarchical classification, etc.
    • Conversion of files in a pivot format:
      TIFF, PDF, PDF/A
    • Optimization of PDF files for web browsing
    • Use of OCR and bar codes for indexing and management of breaks (envelopes, documents, pages)
    • Propagation of page indexing to following pages, links between pages
    • Dynamic checking of entry and importing of indexing criteria via ODBC or SQL to the information system data


    • Temporary or permanent classification in the EDM system, depending on the document life cycle
    • Centralized or decentralized storage
    • Synchronization with information system indices
    • Automatic classification into folders or sub-folders
    • Automatic injection into workflow procedure instances


    • Management of acquisition batches
    • Generation of statistical data on digitized documents and batches
    • Graphical modeling of acquisition workflow
    • Integration of Automatic Document Recognition and Automatic Document Reading phases


    Product Compatibility


    Windows 2003 Server
    Windows XP Pro
    CITRIX Stations
    TSE Terminals


    ISIS and TWAIN compatible devices


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