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    Thetis for Office™ / for Email™


    Docubase THETIS for Office™ / for Email™ is the Docubase Information SuiteTM module responsible for capturing office suite documents and e-mail messages.

    • Automatic classification and indexing of office suite documents produced by Microsoft Office software
    • Automatic classification and indexing of e-mail from IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange and other e-mail servers
    • Full integration with the Microsoft Office suite and Windows Explorer
    • Automatic classification based on properties and content of documents and e-mail messages

    The office suite documents and e-mail messages automatically classified by Docubase THETIS for Office™ / for Email™ are archived in the Docubase Electronic Document Management system. They are accessible via the DOCUBASE RHEA  for Content Management™ Web application through search forms or by navigating the electronic folder tree.


    The DOCUBASE THETIS for Office™ module provides the following features:

    • Classification from office suite applications
    • Integration with Microsoft Office suite
    • Automatic polling of Windows folders
    • Classification from Windows Explorer

    Docubase Thetis for Office



    The DOCUBASE THETIS for Email™ module provides the following features:

    • Automatic polling of mailboxes for the following e-mail servers:
      • MS Exchange
      • Lotus Domino
      • POP3 e-mail
    • Classification of e-mail messages and attachments from the following e-mail clients:
      • Outlook
      • Lotus Notes

    Docubase Thetis for Email


    Product Compatibility

    Capture Servers

    Windows XP Pro
    Windows 2003 Server
    Microsoft .NET Framework

    Microsoft Office

    MS Office 2000
    MS Office XP
    MS Office 2003
    MS Office 2007

    Email Servers

    Microsoft Exchange
    Lotus Notes
    Internet POP3


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