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    Docubase Platinum

    Docubase Platinum is a Software as a Service program designed for customers who require a full ECM system. Docubase Platinum provides the full power of Docubase with unlimited users, without the normal cost associated with an unlimited ECM system.

    Docubase Platinum includes:
    Rhea – Using nothing more than a simple Internet navigator, DOCUBASE Rhea offers the following functions:

    Search and retrieval Document tracking
    Document tracking Updates
    Validation Customized forms
    Audio notes Scanning
    Import Indexation
    User center-of-interest Information confidentiality
    Multi-level file management On-the-fly conversion to PDF
    Printing Multi-language support


    Workflow – Docubase Workflow allows for progressive processes without disrupting the smooth working of the overall system. DOCUBASE Workflow manages the concepts of roles, actions, deadlines, priorities and histories. Users access electronic trays containing the documents to be processed. The trays can be linked to individuals or roles within the company.

    Email Manager – Automatically captures electronic mail from within Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and other messaging systems.

    Office Manager – Automatically captures office documents, classification, and indexing from within Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft Office Suite.

    DOCUBASE COLD/REPORT CAPTURE – Automatically processes computer output from Business Departments, Human Resources, Registrar, Financial Aid, Enterprise Resource Planning or Student Management software. Process any printing spool in text or composite format: PCL, Postscript, Adobe PDF, IBM AFP, Xerox Métacode.

    Documents acquired in this way are typically:

    Orders Invoices
    Credit notes Accounting statements
    Check runs Payroll
    Student grades Financial Aid reports


    Docubase Client – Production scanning and indexing module with the following features:

    Bar code ODBC connectivity
    ISIS drivers Image enhancement
    Batch management Blank page separator