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    Docubase Archives

    Docubase Archives is a Software as a Service program designed for customers who need to archive documents securely because of retention schedules, however rarely need to retrieve them.  Whether corporate, customer, medical, or legal documents, Docubase Archives is the new electronic warehouse that provides customers the best of Electronic Document Management with the exceptionally low cost of records storage warehousing. When should you consider Docubase Archives?

    • When your office space cost exceeds the low cost of storing your documents into Docubase Archives
    • When you need to keep records but don’t access them regularly
    • When business files become ‘nonworking files’
    • When office staff feel that there is a need for additional storage
    • When the security of your historical files from unauthorized persons is important
    • When you need to ensure that your files are protected from natural disasters

    Benefits of Docubase Archives

    • Low cost storage for your records
      • Typically the same as box storage warehouse companies
      • No boxes to purchase
      • No logging fees
    • Secure storage
      • Level 5 data secure storage facility
      • Document tracking
      • Storage log
        • Date and time of storage
    • Retrieval log
      • User log-on information
      • Computer  IP address, date, and time
    • Copies of every document (redundancy) for disaster preparedness stored in multiple secure locations
      • Nightly back up
      • Weekly offsite back up
    • Immediate records access
      • Secure web interface, 24/7/365 world-wide
      • No wait time to find the documents
      • No delivery time
      • Less records retrieval overall cost
    • Lower delivery fee
      • No delivery mileage fee
      • No faxing fee
      • No re-filling fee
    • Document tag button for conversion or destruction
      • Duplicate to Runtime CD/DVD’s
      • Conversion to Micrographics
      • Destruction

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