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    DaaS Products Comparison

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    DaaS Solutions Features Comparisons Archives Basic Corporate Platinum Notes
    Docubase Rhea The Docubase Web-Application
    Docubase Full Client Docubase windows client application
    Unlimited Search / Retrieval of documents No fees for the searching and retrieval of documents. (see archives details for more info)
    Docubase COLD Processing of Computer Output to Laser Disk formats.
    Docubase Workflow A Business Process Management system to address workflow and assignment of due dates, alerts, routing and individual or collective recycle bins
    Docubase Powerlink Links line of business applications to the Docubase Digital Warehouse with capture control and retrieval functions
    Docubase Office / e-mail manager Capture Directly from outlook and MS office
    Print2Docubase Print from any application and store directly into the server.
    Docubase Quicksearch manager Links line of business applications to the Docubase Digital Warehouse with retrieval functions
    Folders Folders are used to created a uniform structure
    Customized StyleSheet Change the look of the web-app to display your company logo and customized theme
    Runtime CD/DVD Create a CD that includes chosen documents and a search / retrieve interface
    Calypso for Invoice Automated Read processing for invoices
    Application Link / URL Link Allows the creation of a URL link that may be used to display a specific document
    Docubase Barcode Manager Automatic indexing through Barcode recognition engine
    Docubase Auto Index Automatic indexing through database linking tools
    Docubase Dir Monitor Monitor directory and auto import into the Docubase server
    Docubase Form Processing Auto-recognize forms for indexing based on templates using OCR, ICR, MCR and other reconditioning tools
    Docubase Tiff2pdf Conversion of images from TIFF to PDF format prior to storage
    Unlimited concurrent users Allows for an unlimited amount of users to be connected at any time.
    Docubase Barcode Maker Create barcodes to be used in batch processing
    # of included databases  1  1  Unlimited  Unlimited Additional databases may be added at anytime. Commonly used for separate departments use