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    About Docubase as a Service

    DaaS – Docubase as a Service combines the power of Docubase Information Suite with the ease of Software as a Service (SaaS) to create Docubase as a Service. Set up and training is part of the package, and every set up can be customized to fit the provider’s unique requirements. Docubase as a Service; complete content management solution without the upfront capital investment.

    DaaS – Docubase as a Service is a hosted Electronic Document/Content Management System. There are four (4) different SaaS options to choose from:

    • Docubase Archives
    • Docubase Basic
    • Docubase Corporate
    • Docubase Platinum

    Every option is tailored to meet the needs of a broad selection of business’ and industries.

    Docubase as a Service provides full Electronic Document/Content Management features:

    Scanning, whether you’re looking to scan a single document or a whole stack in batch mode, Docubase as a Service™, allows you to not only drive your scanner’s immediate parameters (such as image resolution, format, contrast, skewing, etc.), but also apply advanced image manipulation techniques such as rotation, noise reduction, text insertion, or automatic detection of blank pages. Compatible with most scanners on the market, Docubase Information Suite™ is a breeze to configure and a joy to watch in action!
    With an electronic fax solution in place, users would be able to directly import fax documents, as well as being able to fax right out of the comfort of their desktop. Docubase also provide administrators with tools for automated fax processing.
    Electronic Files may be archived into Docubase as a Service™ without requiring the user to go through the cumbersome and time-consuming step of having to print them out first. This applies to desktop documents on your desktop (such as word documents or spreadsheets) as well as notes and files received through e-mail messages or attachments (including audio segments and video clips). A boon to security and customer file confidentiality, Docubase Information Suite™ may be configured to automatically monitor, parse and index designated computer folders for new information.
    Electronic signature Electronic Signatures are easily captured, catalogued and saved along with the original documents they pertain to. No more lost or hard to find signature page! Optional with Print to DIS.
    Bar code technology Bar code technology is used by Docubase as a Service™ to help business expedite index data collection (with near perfect accuracy), document routing and to reduce manual handling of document processing.  Bar code cover sheets are used not only to pre-index documentation but to also separate documents. This technology has added significant empowerment value to companies by enabling them to use multi-function devices such as networked copier machines that can scan to share folders and FTP sites.
    Indexing: besides having index fields such as storage date, creation date or document title, the system administrator can define up to 64 additional index fields for each database. Docubase has advanced maintenance options such as index re-building, backup, dictionary, synonym management, while doing parallel indexing into a relational database.
    Usage statistics: all activity against the document databases is tracked and can be reported at the user, group or global level. Reporting can be focused to certain types of documents, along with user-defined time periods.
    Account administration: individual access can be controlled at the user level. Groups can be set up with dedicated rights to certain clusters of documents, activities and forms. Profiles can be duplicated to speed up the creation of new accounts.
    We feature searches that can be customized according to a vaiety of criteria such as nested fields, trees, wildcards, Boolean parameters, comparison operators, synonyms, date filters, hyperlinks, etc.
    Results can be viewed in several productive ways such as page mode, folders, cascade, tile, book mode with or without split windows.
    DIS-Link can be set up to read data directly from a legacy system’s terminal emulation screen, and automatically retrieve all associated documentation from archived databases. A similar application with much more advance features we call DIS-PowerLink Pro which will enable users to scan, index, retrieve, and print barcode cover pages associated documents right out of most application on their screen.
    A series of web interfaces (internet or intranet) enables you to easily retrieve information even when you’re not at your desk. Furthermore, administrators can create highly customized reports even while on the road. If desired, the interface can be customized to require additional levels of user authentication.
    Frequent actions can be programmed into hot keys to further simplify repetitive processes or activities.