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    OS-ASP for Small Office™ / Departments™

    On Site-Application Service Provider

    Business today is a constant struggle of using technology more while reducing technology cost. Managers in every company know that technology is the key to streamline business processes, increase employee productivity, provide better customer service and stay compliant with ever changing government regulations.  But the big question is how to get the technology that is needed while facing increasing budget restraints.

    Docubase OS-ASP for Small Office / Department™ (On Site-Application Service Provider) is a revolutionary approach in the solution industry. Docubase combines the ease of an ASP with the safety and overall comfort of an in-house solution.  No Hardware; we supply everything needed. No IT staff required; Docubase Appliance is self monitoring, notifying us of any issue requiring our immediate attention. Set up and training is part of the package, and we always set up the solution to fit the customer’s unique requirements. Docubase OS-ASP for Small Office / Department™; complete content management solution without the up front capital investment.

    Docubase OS-ASP for Small Office / Department™ is a complete front to back-end Document and information management solution. Software, Hardware, service, support; It’s in there.



    Docubase VEGA for Imaging™

    Workplace for production scanning including the handling of batches as well as many image handling functions

    Docubase RHEA for Content Management™

    Using nothing more than a simple internet Navigator, Docubase Rhea offers:

    Docubase OS-ASP features



    Docubase Appliance Server

    Specific Appliance designed for the Docubase Server Module:

    Non-Windows for stability and reliable daily use without the need for rebooting

    Minimum 120 gig of Docubase storage.

    Plug ‘n’ Play

    Departmental Scanner for up to 25 ppm duplex scanning ™

    Reliable scanner from manufactures such as Cannon, Fujitsu, Xerox, Kodak.



    Docubase remote installation Server Set up

    Docubase installation and Specific set up for the customers unique requirements.

    Docubase training / On-site training ™

    Docubase certified training for end users is a comprehensive training program designed to give the uses tools needed for maximum user results.

    Chose from packages designed for offices from 2 to 50 persons

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