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    The insurance industry is a rapidly changing market facing restructuring, the need for additional offerings and an increased commitment to customer service. This is true not just at the corporate level where they have been dealing with this for some time, but increasingly at the agency level. The challenge presented at all levels of the insurance industry is how to manage customer information in a way that will increase operating efficiencies, lower operating costs and allow Customer Service Representatives to communicate with their customers in a more timely and accurate manner.

    Those in the insurance sector seeking to leverage technology to enhance their operations will find the ability to implement more efficient business processes, increase employee productivity, lower operating costs and increase customer satisfaction is available today. At the agency level, existing agency applications can be enhanced to leverage and gain the powerful benefits of a Docubase Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, eliminating the need for paper files and enabling the storage of electronic files in a standard and consistent manner.

    In this way, they strengthen their market and leadership position within the industry and communities they serve. Customer service and satisfaction will rise as a result of information being available on-line and accessible at the desktop rather than the Customer Service Representatives having to place the client on hold while they manually search through file cabinets in hopes that the information being sought is where it should be at the time it is needed.

    Docubase ECM Solutions enable Insurance providers to:

    • Automate complex business processes such as claims processing and policy issuance
    • Achieve operational efficiencies through streamlined processes
    • Protect current IT investments by enabling the implementation of today's technology with legacy applications and agency management solutions
    • Ensure customer information is secure and accessible to authorized individuals only

    Typical applications within the Insurance sector include but are not limited to:

    • Claims Processing
    • New Policy Applications
    • Litigation Support
    • Property Recording
    • Policy Changes
    • Underwriting
    • Human Resources
    • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

    If you are a Nationwide Agent please click here for more information on how Docubase is a certified Document Imaging vendor for Nationwide Agencies.


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    Nationwide Agencies


    "Docubase is proven and committed to maintain standards of excellence in delivering world-class document imaging solutions and professional services to prospective clients in the insurance industry."
    Ray Celedinas
    The Celedinas Agency, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

    "We decided to go paperless in our Agency to become more effective and more efficient. With the use of a Wide Area Network we can now go to our electronic file cabinet from all of our locations. We choose Docubase to help us with the paperless solution. They have been very easy to work with and provided excellent training."
    Keith Puffenbarger
    Puffenbarger Insurance Agency, L.C., Warrenton, VA

    "Going paperless with Docubase was one of the smartest business decisions I ever made. My staff is more productive, we have made better use of space, since we no longer need as many file cabinets, and in the event of a catastrophe such as a hurricane or fire, it is nice to know we could be back up and running from another location in short order."
    John Sena
    John Sena Agency Inc., Boca Raton, FL

    "Since moving my operation to Docubase it has made it easier to do business and networking my 3 offices together. We now have the ability to see files from any office to help the customer when they call. I have cut my paper cost 75% and hope to lower that more as we become more accustom to the operation. Docubase has been a huge success for my agency and will help us move quicker as we grow the agency."
    David A Perry
    David A. Perry and Associates, Lexington SC

    "One of the most important reasons we chose Docubase as our solution for electronic imaging was their willingness to help us implement a total solution for our workflow needs. We wanted a repository that could handle all of our filing needs today as well as into the future."
    Larry Muchmore
    Nationwide Insurance