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    For Educational Institutions

    We’ve witnessed how difficult it can be to maintain student files and records that are coherent, confidential and comprehensive, let alone accessible in real-time. We have found that the difference between a scrambling student services representative and a well informed responsive one is of vital importance to bottom-line results. With limited time to search filing cabinets for paper-based documents and the network for electronically generated files such as grades, transcripts, emails, and attendance records, registrations of new students might, in the past, have come as a dreaded experience three times a year.

    We know that the competition is fierce in recruiting new students, operating costs are rising at a record pace and government regulation continues to increase. In addition, you face major decreases in Government funding while the increased demand for student financial aid grows exponentially each year. In order to address these demands and set the course for continued growth, you need to maximize operating efficiencies within the various departments.

    We encourage you to explore the benefits of using a Docubase Education Suite solution in your organization and contact us for a free demonstration and assessment with one of our representatives.




    Examples of State Regulations

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    TexasRetention Schedule for Records of Public School Districts


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