Secure Document Shredding Service

DBS Services’ shredding service helps your business make sure that any confidential business documents are kept secure from the point you turn them over to us to the point they are destroyed.  This is important for your business as failure to comply with legistation regarding this puts you at risk.  Our shredding service is both […] Read more »

Shipping and Handling

DBS –Services detailed shipping and tracking protocol: The first step in any digitization project is full tracking of all medical files. In order to ensure proper tracking, we request a list of contents for each box be emailed and enclosed in each box. The outside of each box should be marked with “1 of [x] […] Read more »

Document Processing/Data Processing Services

Data entry is the foundation for all organizations. No matter what position one holds or level within a company, data entry is in one way or another essential to everyone’s daily operational functions. Data in its raw form is not of much use to anyone, even if one has gathered the most extensive data. In […] Read more »

Document Scanning Services

Whether a single four drawer filing cabinet or complete warehouse full of old boxed business records, we will convert your paper based documents into digital images that are ready for import into your own Electronic Document Management System, archived on a Runtime DVD, or stored on our Docubase as a Service Hosted EDMS Solution. Each Scanning […] Read more »

MicroFilm Scanning Services

Many Medical Professionals have relied on microfilm storage of Patient records; unfortunately, under the new EHR directive, microfilm is considered the same as paper. For Doctors who have patient records on microfilm, Docubase has the best equipment and partnerships in the industry to handle all you microfilm conversion needs. Our specialized hardware uses superior camera […] Read more »