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    Shipping and Handling

    DBS –Services detailed shipping and tracking protocol:

    The first step in any digitization project is full tracking of all medical files. In order to ensure proper tracking, we request a list of contents for each box be emailed and enclosed in each box. The outside of each box should be marked with “1 of [x] boxes,” “2 of [x] boxes,” as well as showing the start file and ending file.  Each box list will be check for accuracy at the begging of the prep stage. Any discrepancies will be brought to the attention of the customer contact. Our staff will upload the data into our secure web based tracking system that the customer can refer to at any time.

    Box tracking is available to our customers 24/7 via our secure customer web portal. Box status is updated each time there is a status change such as Box pick up, pre-prep storage, document prep stage, scanning stage, post scanning storage, and destruction or returned to customer. The status change will indicate the status of each box, the date and time of the last status change, and the Docubase associates by there initials that changed the box status.

    We assume that the customers staff will oversee the proper packing prior to pick-up by our staff. If the customers request we can perform the required purging, logging, and boxing of medical files at an additional charge.  If customer request file return in place of secure destruction we shall pack all files for return in the same way they were received for an additional charge.


    We will exercise the utmost care in the handling of your materials. All of our personnel have experience handling bound materials and follow a rigorous protocol. After careful unpacking of the volumes from their shipping boxes, we scrupulously observe the following guidelines for handling medical files:

    Files will always be handled with clean hands and in a clean work space.

    All boxes will be logged for tracking at the following points:

    • Pick up
    • Store prior to document preparation
    • Entering document preparation department
    • Entering document scanning department
    • Scanning of box content completion
    • Storage prior to destruction or return
    • Time of destruction or retun

    Eating and drinking are not allowed in areas where the file are imaged or stored. Smoking is prohibited within our building.

    Each file shall have a page count done prior to box pick up or during prep to be verified at time of scanning to ensure all pages are properly scanned.

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