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    Secure Document Shredding Service

    DBS Services’ shredding service helps your business make sure that any confidential business documents are kept secure from the point you turn them over to us to the point they are destroyed.  This is important for your business as failure to comply with legistation regarding this puts you at risk.  Our shredding service is both efficient and secure and can give you the piece of mind that comes with knowing that you don’t have to be concerned about the liability and other risks that can come from insecurity with confidential documents.Every business has confidential information. The day to day functions of any business will produce a surprising amount of information that could be used against the business,  customers, and employees. This list includes:

    • Internal Memos
    • Drafts of Documents
    • Quotes
    • Financial Printouts
    • Meeting Notes
    • Employee Records
    • Pay Stubs
    • Medical Records

    Simply putting these documents in the trash is risky. There is NO LAW against going through a dumpster or other outside trash looking for information, and you lose all  claim to its privacy.To be safe, you can pay a trusted employee to stand over a paper shredder for hours, removing paperclips and staples while shreddingORHave us shred in minutes what it  would take an employee 8 hours to do by hand. With our equipment, there is no need to separate or pull staples, so no one is looking through the papers prior to shredding.We can provide a locked receptacle for scheduled shredding, or simply call when you are ready to do a document purge.

    • Standard shred
    • Ultra High Secure shred

    We recycle all of our waste materials.

    DBS-Services is a true Document Management Service Bureau. We know the importance of you business records and the importance of properly destroying them at the end of their life cycle.We place a locked receptacle in our customer’s business for collection at scheduled intervals. The documents are either destroyed on-site or at our secure off-site location. A Certificate of Destruction statement is on the invoice for the customer’s file.We also do purge request; large volume document destruction that is usually a one time, yearly or bi-yearly event. To schedule a purge, simply contact us with the number and size of boxes, and we will pick up at a scheduled date and time.  On-site shredding my be requested.DBS-Services offers secure document destruction services to the Greater Tampa Bay area.

    Secure Receptacle Options

    The DuraFlex Green secure collection console meets most stringent US legislation (CARB II). Its elegant finish is a compliment to any office decor.
      eConsoleDimensions:35”h X 17.5”w X 19”dCapacity:

    Approx. 65 lbs of paper


      32 Gallon secure cartDimensions:36”h X 19”w X 22”dCapacity:

    Approx. 100 lbs of paper

    High Density Polyethylene


      64 Gallon secure cartDimensions:41.5h X 22.5w X 28.25dCapacity:

    Approx. 150lbs of paper

    High Density Polyethylene


      96 Gallon secure cartDimensions:45.5h X 26.5w X 33.25dCapacity:

    Approx. 225 lbs of paper

    High Density Polyethylene



    Document Destruction Fees:


    Shredding fees – Boxes

    Boxes Off-Site On-Site
    15X12X10 $4.00 $6.00
    24X12X10 $6.00 $9.00
    24X15X10 $6.50 $9.75
    Minimum fee per pick up $35.00 $65.00


    Plus mileage, no contract required



    Shredding fees – Secure Carts

    Secure Carts Off-Site On-Site
    Green Signature Series $25.00 $30.00
    Console $15.50 $20.00
    32 Gallon Cart $13.50 $17.50
    65 Gallon Cart $15.00 $20.00
    96 Gallon Cart $20.00 $26.67
    Minimum per pick up $25.00 $45.00


    Monthly service agreement required


    Ask about our volume discounts….


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