MicroFilm Scanning Services

Many Medical Professionals have relied on microfilm storage of Patient records; unfortunately, under the new EHR directive, microfilm is considered the same as paper.

For Doctors who have patient records on microfilm, Docubase has the best equipment and partnerships in the industry to handle all you microfilm conversion needs.

Our specialized hardware uses superior camera technology that produces incredible speed, precision and uniform output. Scanned images are sharper with better edge definition, because our scanners use fiberoptics as the light source, eliminating hot spots and uneven lighting.

Our process allows the operator to verify that all images were properly captured, and identifies any image detection or density problems. Our operators correct detection or density problems in a post-scan audit environment. Our hardware eliminates the need for rescans resulting from density or frame detection problems, maximizing scanner utilization and productivity. With our equipments superior image quality, handling any density and filming related issues commonly faced in conversion processes is easy, outputting images that actually match your database.

Output File Formats:

TIFF monochrome, TIFF uncompressed, Multi Page TIFF, TIFF Group IV, JPEG, CALS, PDF and JPEG 2000

Benefits and Features of using Docubase for your microfilm conversions:

  • Reliability, no images are lost during scanning
  • Automatic film classification and frame detection
  • Post-Scan frame detection Re-audit / QA capability
  • Individual frame-by-frame image processing options if needed

Automatic lamp & gamma adjustment during set-up and scanning

We handle the following microfilm formats:

  • Microfiche

Step & Repeat, Film Jackets, AB Dick, Microx, COM

  • Roll film

16 & 35mm rollfilm

  • Film and Fiche Polarities:

positive and negative

  • Reduction Ratio:

7x to 72x

  • Document Sizes:

to E-size drawings at 200 dpi and oversize documents like EKGs

  • Film and Fiche Types:

Vesicular, Blue and Black Diazo, Silver, Duplex, Duo, Blipped/Unblipped

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