Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning ServicesWhether a single four drawer filing cabinet or complete warehouse full of old boxed business records, we will convert your paper based documents into digital images that are ready for import into your own Electronic Document Management System, archived on a Runtime DVD, or stored on our Docubase as a Service Hosted EDMS Solution.

Each Scanning job is done to the exact requirements of the customer and includes complementary image hosting on our Docubase as a Service for 90 days from time of scan. We employs the use of Bar-code box IDs for complete tracking from pick up through job completion for proper job tracking.  We convert images and data from all types of media from commercial documents to rare books, computer files, photos and slides. Our ability to deliver document imaging services to the commercial, non-profit, legal, medical, education and government industries has made us a leader in the services industry.

  • Remote Scanning Services –– Our staff performs the complete paper to electronic document management conversion process at our location. Your service job begins with a full onsite project review and consulting to ensure project success. Our professional staff will pick up your pre-boxed documents and bring them to our location, once documents arrive they immediately go to the inbound logging stations where they the boxes are tagged with bar-coded IDs and logged.  The bar-code ID log files tracks the documents through document preparation, scanning, indexation, image file delivery or upload to our secure hosted Docubase as a Service, and document destruction or return stages. Our friendly staff is always able to let you know where your documents are.  Once scanned, your documents are retrievable through our secure web hosted Docubase as a Service complementary for up to 90 days allowing you access your documents anytime from anywhere in the world. Scanned Documents are then kept of 120 days and securely destroyed or returned to the customer.  For customers faced staff shortages we offer the additional services of document purge and packing.
  • On-Site Scanning Services – We deploy our staff of professional scan teams just about anywhere for fast, secure, reliable full service on-site paper to digital images conversion of your corporate records.  Our On-Site services include the equipment, software, personnel, and most importantly, project management for a successful document imaging project.  On-Site Scanning Services includes full onsite project review and consulting to ensure project success. On-Site services include document purge, document preparation, document scanning, document indexing, image file delivery, image hosting, and document destruction. Scanning can be done direct into your existing EDM system; our secure hosted Docubase as a Service, or to an image file delivery drive.

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